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New 'Bins'

Friday, May 07, 2021

Walked to Morriston today to get my new glasses.  Also walked back - three miles in total.  Or 4.9 km as my phone will insist on measuring it.  Saved me having to worry about where to take my walk today.  I like it when I've got somewhere specific to walk to - makes it easier to get on with it somehow.  Usually when collecting new glasses, they 'fit them' and check everything is OK but due to the Frigging Fizzy Flu, they are just handing them to you outside atm.  Which meant I didn't wear them returning to Base Camp and in fact it was about two hours after I got back that it occurred to me I should actually put them on! 
They feel slightly loose but otherwise OK.  Except initially I found them a bit weird.  Think it was my eyes adjusting to the new prescription.  They're fine now.  Isn't it amazing how quickly our eyes adjust?  It was the same the first time I got varifocals.  At first I thought 'I'm just not going to get on with these' [some people don't] but after a couple of hours, I happened to look up from what I was doing, out to the garden, and realised I'd automatically adjusted to look through the 'correct' bit of the lenses as it were.  

On the walk home, Fashionista was chuntering.  She was glad I'd chosen a different style for my glasses - just to have a change, but reckoned she preferred my old sunglasses [they have quite a cute pattern on the arms].  Once I finally remembered to swap over to the new ones, I took some pics. 

New glasses.

Old glasses.

New sunglasses.

Old sunglasses.

Now she's agreed that maybe the new sunnies are better after all.  Though she's still miffed they are much the same shape as the everyday glasses.  Well come on now, unless you want to pay a vast fortune there's only so many options when it comes to the sunglasses.  And the more important things are getting a correct fit, plus with varifocals, the lenses have to be large enough to take the prescription.  

Before walking back to Base Camp, I had a little browse aroun' town.  Bought a hat in a charity shop.  Well to be precise, a Jacques Vert fascinator, for the vast sum of £8.  A total spur of the moment whim purchase.  No idea if/when I'll ever wear it.  Except Elaine is holding a 'party' in her garden in June.  A reconvening of The Birthday Brunch Bunch.  Fashionista reckons it's absolutely de rigueur to wear some form of head dress at a garden party.  Oh dear, if only I'd realised that at all the previous 'do's' we've had in Elaine's garden.  Still there we are - as good an excuse as any.  It will be way OTT but The Bunch will love it.  

I may have to buy a new dress.  Despite the fact I have a wardrobe full and never wear them.  Perhaps I could give 'etiquette' a new twist by wearing leggings and an oversized shirt, with the fascinator completing the ensemble?   Fashionista is liking that idea. The Financial Advisor is not so keen as it means spending money on a shirt.   Countess De Clutter suggests selling some of the dresses I never wear to raise the funds to buy a new matching shirt.  Alternatively, I have a shirt I absolutely love that would be perfect style wise, but totally the wrong colour.  However, it has a slight marking on it that hasn't come out in the wash.  So why not dye it?  Bet your bottom dollar that either the dye doesn't work, or if it does, I forget to take the fascinator with me anyway. 

Bet you've all sung versions of this. Have to say, the variations we used to sing were much, much, more cutting and rude. 


Bright blessings
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