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Day 12: High Stress

Sunday, May 09, 2021

I've had a lot of stress lately with work and Fritzy's stress combined. There are two ways I normally deal with stress. One is smoking. Since I've been cutting back on smoking, the other way is eating. I've been really active, but I've also been just eating everything that isn't nailed down. I kind of got sucked into social copycat behaviour. Everyone around me was eating out of control so I ended up joining in. That's not acceptable. I got some new clothes and makeup yesterday and I plan on ordering some more new clothes this week, so I want to make sure I can enjoy those new clothes, so I don't want to be eating out of control like this. Sometimes I have to be the one that says no when other people can't. So I'm putting a stop to the junk food free for all and putting up some healthy boundaries. I've put on a lot of weight lately and that's not acceptable either. I've been trying to turn things around for a while, but I keep getting sucked back into that downward spiral because bad habits are hard to break when everyone around you is eating badly so you have a tendency to join in. But if you can recognize that it's easier to fix. So today I'm making a plan to move forward in a healthier way for myself.

Eating High Quality Foods: I am focusing on healthier foods this morning. That is going to be the main focus. If I can't focus even as much on eating less, I can focus on eating healthier. That will help me eat less overall. There has to be less junk and more healthy food. We have gotten sucked into a junk food spiral over here and I have to draw the line somewhere. So I'm going to make an effort not to eat any junk food today but focus instead on eating healthy foods that will give me the kind of energy I need.

Accurately Measure & Track Food: Back to measuring and tracking food and planning meals. Having a plan really helps. I'm less likely to eat junk food if I know ahead of time what I'm going to eat.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water: I'm going to drink more water as well. I think that will help me to smoke less and to eat less unhealthy food.

Non-Scale Victory: My biggest nonscale victory lately is practicing healthier coping techniques. Learning how to use meditation instead of smoking or binging is important.

Fitness: I wasn't able to work out this morning because it was so chaotic here this morning. So hoping to get back on track tomorrow morning.

Sleep: Sleep at least has been pretty good. I'm still well rested and that's important.

Quit Progress: Still doing good with cigars. It has been a little bit of a frustrating struggle here at the beginning but soon I should be used to it and it should be easy.

Meditation: Meditation is extremely important right now. So it will be high priority.

Inflammation/Bloat/Weight Loss: Bloat and inflammation are not as bad as I expected. Weight is up a lot but I expected that. Just have to keep moving forward.

Still feel like I'm doing pretty well and just have to reinforce healthy habits and keep on pushing.

Keep Sparking everyone! emoticon
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