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Friday, May 28, 2021

I promised that I'd carry on with the clothes sorting today.  I never break my promise or forget my vows, [Wedding Vows excepted - mitigating circumstances given Bonkers Ex was, well, Bonkers]. So I set to again today.  The Countess de Clutter was still all in favour of keeping the leggings, twenty or so other items, and ditching everything else.  Natch, The Financial Advisor was in a state of extreme anxiety and hung around all day chuntering things like "won't someone think of the...."  "Children"?  Mother interjected.  "B*gger the children, won't someone think of the bank balance" The Financial Advisor responded.  "I'll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head when talking about My Children" Mother snapped in reply.

Meanwhile, The Beautician was still fretting that The Countess de Clutter might start on her lotions and potions, Legal Eagle continued to be concerned about local bye laws regarding rubbish disposal, Cook was mithering about wastefulness when she uses up everything, The gardener was grumbling that The Seasons wait for no one, and most of the rest of The Team were muttering and mumbling about all this time being spent on bloody clothes instead of tackling their projects.
As you can tell, it was all getting quite tetchy.  Hence The Countess de Clutter and Fashionista agreed a compromise with me.  We would go through all the clothes with a focus on what fits now.  Of course they drive a hard bargain so they had me trying everything on to be sure as to what does actually fit now.  Which actually threw up one or two pleasant surprises.  

Everything else was split into three groups.  Things which are just a bit small and if I ever manage to kick start the actual weight loss again, should fit fairly soonish.  Not much in that pile tbh but what there was is now hung up in the wardrobe in the middle bedroom.  The second pile was stuff that is too small atm and will take some time before I could ever hope to wear it again.  That's now all stored in an old broken suitcase.  To be got rid of once I can empty it. The suitcase that is - hopefully not the clothes.

Finally, the teeny tiny pile.  I don't mean the pile is teeny [though it wasn't huge].  I mean the items in it were teeny.  Looking at them I found it hard to believe I was once so tiny.  Yet for much of my adult life, I was.  Will I ever get into them again?  Do I even want to given how much effort it will take?  I honestly don't know.  A question for me to address later on.  For now, I've put them in another suitcase.  The Countess de Clutter is a bit grumpy about the suitcases but accepts they are a means to an end given they are here anyway.

The whole process threw up many questions.  "Weight notwithstanding Tiz, what will you still wear once life gets back to normal"? Fashionista asked.  Well it's all well 'n' good Fashionista exhorting me to get back in touch with the me that knew my style, but that's not so easy.  Sure, I know what I like but I have no idea what life will be like once we get back to anything approaching 'normal'.  I haven't experienced 'normal' since I've been at Base Camp.  I'm pretty damn certain that my working in an office days are long since gone - but then I got rid of all my 'office' clothes before I moved.  

Do I need all these summery tops living in The Wetlands?  Will I ever have a 'Social Life' here?   Does it even matter?  Perhaps I should reconfigure my wardrobe as per this article? The Countess is very keen, Fashionista isn't.


These questions and more will no doubt be answered in due course. Or not. As the case may be.


Bright blessings
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