Week eight, 5% Spring Challenge-the finale

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Drumroll, please. Today is the last day of the Spring Challenge and I managed to complete it. That was an accomplishment, given my mindset! As I alluded in my last blog, I decided to start a new weight loss program called E2M two weeks ago. In the last two weeks, I’ve lost 8 pounds and multiple inches. It was hard and it was grueling. But I’m very pleased with the results. My weight loss total for the Spring Challenge was...8.5 pounds. I missed my 5% goal by two pounds!

Am I upset about this? No...disappointed in myself, yes...but not mad. For whatever reason, I didn’t have the right mindset or self discipline to stay on track w the challenge. I knew I needed to switch things up...what was working for me a year ago simply wasn’t now. Enter E2M, and now my mind and body are fully engaged! The first week was carbs, no dairy, no alcohol...and the workouts are HARD! I’m nearing the end of week two (we weigh on Mondays) and I can honestly say I feel so much better!

This weekend will be a real’s a holiday weekend and it’s so easy to let your guard down and splurge. But we are allowed only one cheat meal per week, and I remain dedicated to that. I have it planned out for this evening, and I’m going to enjoy every single morsel: BBQ pork steaks, homemade potato salad, baked beans, yummy bread for dipping oil, and wine. All of these foods are forbidden (terrible word to use), but cheat meals you can eat anything you want. It’s funny...of all the foods to cheat with, I never would have picked pork steaks. I like pork...but I don’t eat much of it. I prefer seafood or poultry...but given the amount of that that I’ve been eating these last two weeks, I was ready for something different. Growing up in the Midwest, BBQ pork steaks was our traditional summer time meal. Perfect!

The 5% Summer Challenge will begin in a few weeks. It is a great way to meet your goals and find new SP friends. We are a supportive, encouraging group eager to offer support and praise. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check it out under the Spark Teams tab in the Community tab. You won’t be sorry!

Link to join:

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend! Thank a vet for their service. Be humble and kind.
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