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Yellow Sticker Etiquette

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Does such a thing exist?

The last few years back 'home' were difficult.  Understatement of the decade - if not the century.  I'd go yellow sticker shopping over at Tesco in order to eat because basically I couldn't afford groceries.  If I didn't get any bargains, then it was a bowl of porridge, or a 14p pack of noodles.  I used to spend more on food for the cats than for me.  Sure, the children would have helped me - if I told them.  But I didn't.

A lot of people were suffering from the austerity policies of the time.  There would always be loads of people waiting on the bargains.  A lot of them were very sharp elbowed and pushy, some were incredibly aggressive.  I remember one youngish man literally pushing me aside - nearly knocking me over.  I called him out so of course he said "sorry" as he continued to push people aside.  "No you're not sorry - if you were you'd stop doing it.  Not to mention step aside" I told him.  

Not all of them were like that.  Some of them were helpful and being near the front they'd look for things for other people and pass them over.  I remember one man who was so embarrassed by the behaviour of some chaps that he'd hang back not wanting to appear abusive or aggressive - especially to women. I used to pass things to him.  

One time, there were loads of packs of mince [ground beef] at ridiculously reduced prices.  Plus loads of bread.  I didn't get any of the bread but I did get a couple of packs of mince.  Once I finished my shopping I headed to the checkout.  In front of me was one of the 'regular' bargain hunters.  He had three trolleys.  One filled with the reduced price mince, one filled with reduced price bread, and the third one had other reduced price stuff.  Transpired he owned a local cafe/restaurant.  Should he be buying Y/S stuff?  My feeling was, why not?  It may have been keeping his business afloat for all we know. 

Frankly from the Supermarket's point of view it isn't a Moral Issue.  For whatever reason, they have excess stock, they reduce it in price hoping someone will buy it - they don't care who.  Why would they?  I've read many threads on f/b and the like where people snipe if they think someone has taken 'too much'.  Who are they to judge?  I have always tended to take only what I know I can use, and never to clear the shelf - but that's my choice and what I feel comfortable with.

Thankfully a] I'm not so dependent on y/s shopping these days [though given atm thanks to the Frigging Fizzy Flu, my income doesn't equal my expenditure - it helps], and b] y/s shopping at the local Morrison store is far more civilised.  Hardly anyone around, you take a look, figure if you can use it, then pick it up or not.  Until this evening.  I picked up a few bargains but mostly I wanted milk and some fresh fruit.  Noticed a woman going around the store, sweeping anything with a yellow sticker into her trolley, then going round the corner and checking what she'd got - randomly dumping anything she didn't want after all.  

Somehow that boiled my p!ss.  So I scooted around ahead of her and also grabbed all the y/s stuff.  Then when she'd gone, I went back round putting it all back.  Yes, yes, I know it was childish of me.  But desperation I can understand.  Sheer greed and selfishness p!sses me off.  And yes, maybe she's on her beam ends but why grab everything then dump much of it?  Hopefully some other shoppers got some useful bargains.

Meanwhile, btw, I got some Parlick cheese reduced from £2.85 to 87 pence.  I've never tried it so was quite pleased to get such a bargain.   emoticon


Bright blessings
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    people are so incredibly stupid at times.... i to shop for bargains especially meat right now is so expensive...but if I don't really need it I pass on it for someone else to use.
    53 days ago
    Yes, I think there are manner for everything including Y/S. Too many people seem to be lacking manners these days.
    emoticon emoticon
    53 days ago
    Always loved MP! I once got change at the till because of the way the yellow sticker offers went. Yes, they paid ME!
    54 days ago
    OMG! ROFLMBO @ that Monty Python sketch!

    Oh, I'm in your camp. I love a bargain, but I will not be greedy. There are others who want/need bargains, too!

    On that note, hope that you have a good weekend.

    54 days ago
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