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Self Love and Acceptance

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Now that I've turned 70 years old, I've decided that the most loving thing I can do for myself is to accept my body just as it is. I might lose weight and get stronger and slimmer, but that only changes the outside package. What is important is that I love myself no matter what weight or size I am.

Lately I start everyday asking myself this question. What can I do today to show myself love and acceptance? I love this question because it gives me a chance to evaluate how I am feeling and what can I do to make myself more comfortable, happier, more motivated and healthy. It's also my chance to recognize what I am grateful for.

I used to spend a lot of my time thinking about losing weight and getting in shape. I thought that if I could just get down to a healthy weight I would be so much happier, healthier - and I would never gain that weight back again. I got very near that magical goal weight at the beginning of Covid and I maintained it for about 6 months. It was wonderful and I did feel awesome, but there was no room in my life for overeating at all. And I became pretty OCD with my exercise regime. Most of all when I hit a rough emotional patch as we all do in life, I turned to old habits of binging and hiding, instead of trying to work through my thoughts and feelings. Now I understand that these old patterns of coping and numbing out on food are not particularly healthy coping mechanisms for me.

A wonderful thought that I like lately is that eating healthy and exercising is a wonderful way to express how I love my body. Sometimes just a slight shift in how I talk to myself can make such a huge difference in how I feel about choosing healthy foods and moving.

Another thought that I am loving is by accepting that I have regained weight I am also giving myself the gift of more self awareness. My body is feeling like the extra pounds are a bit too much for all the activities that I like to do. So losing extra weight is also another expression of self love and acceptance. I accept that my body likes to weigh less. I accept that my body needs less food than I often feed it. I am learning to accept that self love can be expressed by eating just exactly the right amount that my body needs and I can have confidence that I know what that amount is.
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