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May's Missions - Results

Monday, May 31, 2021

Well that's the Merry Month of May dealt with.  Bit of a mixed bag.  Cook is happy as she's tried some more new recipes. Truth be told though, I think Cook is happiest when concocting something out of random ingredients.  This evening for instance there were some carrots, peppers, and spring greens in the veg draw that needed using.  Plus some wraps in the fridge.  Two shakes of a lion's tail [or some such] and she'd created a veggie enchilada pie.  

The Gardener is a bit dispirited as I've pointed out that it's probably best not to have loads more pots and grow bags of veg whilst trying to get the patio sorted out.  If I can ever find anyone to do it that is.  Grow quick crops like salad leaves and herbs for this year and we'll focus on autumn planting for early next season.  She's not entirely happy.  

Data is somewhat mollified.  I've sorted some of the paperwork out.  It's kind of split into three categories now and I just have to file it.  I still prefer the idea of burning it and dancing naked over the embers.

The Beautician is pleased that The Countess de Clutter hasn't got rid of her lotions and potions though still mithering about a 'Spa Day'.  Meanwhile, The Countess is [or should be] happy that I've sorted out all the toiletries.  And the nail varnishes etc.  Plus I've sorted through some extras that weren't even on the list.  The Countess is never satisfied though and always looking to the next thing.

Fashionista on the other hand is quite delighted.  I have sorted through ALL the clothes. Just a few items still drying to put away.   There could be trouble ahead though when [if] I ever lose more weight and she wants me to get rid of more stuff.  

When/if I say.  Because I finally got down to 135lbs 6oz - a whole stone since I started the daily walking, and was hoping to lose a further 2lbs 6oz before the end of the month to take me down to 133lbs and no longer officially overweight.  Instead I've gone back up to 138lbs.  This weight loss malarkey [or more to the point - lack of/stalled weight loss] is VERY frustrating.  Still, that's a problem for June and in this blog I'm addressing May.

The rest of The Team are getting a bit antsey that I haven't dealt with their pet projects.  Maybe June will be their month:  

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”John Lydgate


Bright blessings
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