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People Need to be nicer

Friday, June 04, 2021

went to work last night all excited about finally getting my scale to move. I shared it with some coworkers who are ALWAYS telling me their diet woes and strategies, their latest crazy scheme to lose weight, and I always listen and encourage them. Even if sounds totally wacky. None of their plans have ever worked in 3 years I've been there. Instead of congratulating me for doing well, I got teased (and not nicely) about my new app and diet. So disappointing. I figure it is because there always has to be a person a bit worse than you, so that you can say "well at least I'm not like ..." I am the one who is a bit worse, and if I succeed then they are a failure, at least in their heads I guess. So figured out they will never encourage me and will try and sabotage me if given a chance. The better I do, the more they will notice they aren't doing well, so I am thinking they won't be so friendly with me anymore. Odds are they will be resentful which sucks. Why do people do that. Is the mentality if I can't have something nice, then neither can you. People do not want others to succeed if they are not succeeding. Misery definitely loves company.

So their attitude ticked me off enough to really stick with it LOL I want to make them so envious of my success. I invited them to do it with me, and they just laughed. Going to show them. I thought they would jump on it, because there is another nurse on a different floor who used the app and lost about 50+ lbs. They are always gushing over that nurse when they visit, but when I try and get them to do it with me, it is a joke. If I can persevere then in a year I will be at goal, and look awesome :) then they will regret not doing this with me LOL I don't want to be the one that makes others feel better about themselves by being the biggest. I want to just be average.

It was funny to me this morning. I managed to go all night with NO CHEATING emoticon it was hard, but I did it. I went to bed still thinking I can do this. I even thought about being so successful that people came to me for diet tips and tricks LOL I even pondered being a coach after all this is said and done. That would be fun. I do not like making others feel bad about themselves. I prefer to try and encourage people. I wish others felt the same way.

OK working again tonight, let's see if I can pull off another no cheat night LOL I figured out I need to add sugar free gum into my nurses' bag. So many times I wanted to just grab a juice (something i did normally) just to get rid of dry mouth or pick me up. Going to try chewing gum instead. So to anybody reading this, stay healthy :) and have a great weekend.
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