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When one door opens...

Friday, June 11, 2021

...another one opens. That's how the saying goes.

I just backed up 500+ blogs to my old computer's hard drive.

In reviewing them, it was a walk down memory lane... Feb 7, 2008 it started...and on August 17, 2021 it will end on here.

Lots of tears have been shed by many since the announcement that Spark will be closing...lots of tears shed by yours truly in reading messages, old blogs, old blog comments, and in knowing that something I relied on will no longer be there and I have to "start over" again.

It's also ironic AF because I was just in the process of kicking my SP checklists to the curb and shaking things up because I am absolutely stuck and needing a change! Go figure! Maybe it's my fault SP is shutting down LOL Blame me.

I've joined the FB SP Alumni and SP Family pages to keep in touch with other SP refugees. You can find me pic won't be upside down anymore LOL I joined the At Goal and Maintaining google group too...and if anyone wants to email me directly, just ask for the info.

I'm going to miss the certain anonymity that came with my SP handle ANNIEONLI. There was something about the community and knowing people by their handles that was comforting...that everyone shared as much as they wanted and I can honestly say that 99.9% of my interactions with Sparkers has been purely positive and supporting. Something that is not seen on other platforms.

Which leads me to this: I kept my FB and my SP worlds completely separate. Only 1 time have I ever mentioned SP on it. I joined FB after I lost the majority of my weight. It was a non-issue there. I only brought it up in 2015 and "came out" there when featured as a speaker in NYC at a conference and had a Spark article featured.

The last year has shown an ugly side of people on FB...I have unfollowed & unfriended for content that breached my tolerance threshhold. The meshing of the FB and SP peeps is giving me pause.

Might as well just say it and be honest...I am scared to blog and talk on FB in the same manner because of what I have witnessed over the last year with FB in general. Will Spark refugees be as kind and supportive without their Spark handles representing them??? I hope so...

I joined Spark America in the spirit of giving it the good ol' college try. Other platforms give me pause. Other platforms I belong to, such as Fitbit and Insight Timer, have creeped me out with user interactions. Spark was different. I can only recall 2 times that I was "hit on" on Spark. A quick block took care of that. On the other platforms, for some reason, friend adds are all from men and I absolutely flipped when one messaged me "Hello dear," after I accepted the request. Another insta-block within seconds. Didn't accept anyone after that one.

It's goes to show you the level of trust Sparkers have with each other on this platform...the level of support, encouragement and respect.

Like everyone, I'm in transition of acceptance and figuring it out. I have to mentally wrap my head around things so if I don't answer you right away, just know I'm figuring things out and each day is different.

Another thing that seems to be a constant: every day is wildly...mood swings are at an all time high. I may be going through peri-menopause and the tamoxifen isn't helping. Just when I think I had a handle on them, I get the rug ripped out from under me. It's exhausting. I'm doing my best.

OMG this blog wasn't supposed to be such a downer! LOL Oh all my other blogs have proven time and again, they always tend to ring true with someone, so here we are...I hope it does just that.

I'm still going to blog on here for as long as I can. It's my outlet and keeps me sane. Maybe I'll dip my toes into the FB group and see how it goes there. Baby steps..
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, girrrrrrl. A lot of the people from my quitting smoking website have friended each other on Facebook. I have unfriended a bunch of them...

    And we used to have an annual event planned by members that was open to everyone. I'm helping plan the next one for a select group.

    I've noticed that my younger friends on there who I know disagree with me politically don't post stupid things, either. What a toxic, sad place for boomers.
    41 days ago
    You are not a downer. You are saying what I am also thinking! I've had a few doors close on me in the past year and trust is an issue for me in many ways.

    I went back and read my early early blogs. Laughter and tears. Lots of lessons learned. I joined the google group. I have to figure out reading and responding.

    I always liked your upside-down photo and your smile. Kind of like life, it goes upsidedown every once in a while but we can keep moving forward and find reasons to smile.

    41 days ago
  • DALID414
    I’m not on FB, I am on Insight Timer, but I’m not sure how to find people (if you want to be found on there, by me).
    42 days ago
    Like you I've appreciated the trust and courtesy and kindness of SP interchanges -- and I'm not on FB at all (maybe the only person left in the world who isn't?)

    So grateful to 4A-HEALTHY-BMI setting up the google docs group: especially for all of us "foreigners" who aren't eligible for SparkAmerica!!
    43 days ago
    Hi there! I’m always interested in peeking through a new door! Scary sometimes, but usually a new opportunity! I am so very disappointed about Spark as we know it shutting down. Grateful for so many years and lessons learned. Not sure what approach I’ll be trying…still thinking’… I will miss our friendship as it is!
    43 days ago
    Keep on blogging for as long as this lasts...hang in and hang on emoticon
    43 days ago
    NOT a downer. You speak truth. You speak what *I* am feeling and I'm sure many others. I won't do FB just because of horrible past experiences AND I think the environment has NOT gotten any better.

    HUGS and good luck.
    43 days ago
    I have been reading my old blogs too. You're right - it's a trip down memory lane.
    43 days ago
    I do not want FB. I am still exploring options. I thought Sparks America was too competitive. I will take opinions. I will miss Sparks since I have been on since 2007
    43 days ago

    I totally know what you mean about FB. I was so turned off by the scene over there last year that I closed my page and left. And the same reason that drove me to create a maintainer group on Google, where there won’t be any ads, and we can use our familiar Spark names as our Display IDs.

    Hang in there. I think we’ll all get through this, even though it’s going to be an adjustment.

    I’m extremely grateful that we’ve got some time to find ways to all keep in touch with each other.

    I’ve always enjoyed our interactions on here and I’m glad there will be a way to continue!
    43 days ago
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