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Cancel the Cakes

Thursday, June 17, 2021

I called Elaine today to tell her what time I was booking my train tickets for.  She kept yakking for so long that when I finally got off the phone and went to book the tickets, they were no longer available so now I've booked the next train - which is later than I wanted but no matter.  

The weather forecast is for 'showers' and she informed me she's told everyone if it rains, she's cancelling.  The train journey for me is over four hours and yes, I will also meet up with the family etc but, if it were down to me, I'd go on Monday, not tomorrow.  For various reasons.  Not least my daughter is having to isolate at the moment so I can't meet up with her until Tuesday or Wednesday and she won't be able to come to the barbecue anyway.  Nor will youngest son as he'd already promised to babysit for a friend who's having to go into hospital.  The children involved are very young so not ideal to upset their bedtime routine by taking them out for the evening to a strange place with people they don't know.  

I'm grateful that Elaine is always happy for me to stay at her place and she makes me very welcome.  But it isn't the most comfortable place to stay.  No hot water.  No internet.  My 'bed' is the settee which means I can't go to sleep until Elaine goes to bed [usually very late].  Tigger barks like a demon [though he's actually a big softie] and Tammy bless her is old and ill and rarely makes it out into the garden to do her 'business'.  I always get up before Elaine so invariably find myself cleaning up Tammy's overnight messes first thing.  I don't mind.  Tammy can't help it and if I'm giving Elaine a bit of a break from that particular chore, then I'm fine with it.  Elaine after all is in her late 70's and not so well herself.  But I had enough rough living at the old house and prefer to only stay at Elaine's for four or five nights maximum.  That way, I can keep a smile on my face regardless.

For local friends, it might not be too much of an inconvenience, but one of Elaine's friends is coming up from the coast by train, just for the get together.  A quite expensive journey that will take her over two hours each way. How is she going to feel if she arrives to be told 'oh I've cancelled it'?  Personally I've never cancelled a barbecue I was hosting.  You just have to make a backup plan.  British weather eh?  I know it's harder due to the frigging Fizzy Flu - but not impossible.

I was going to make three cakes to take with me - despite how problematic transporting them by train would be, for the 'afternoon tea' part of the day.  I'm really not being 'shirty' but I don't feel inclined to do that now.  If Elaine just cancels then the cakes would mostly land up being fed to the dogs.  Elaine doesn't eat anything without giving at least half to the dogs [except chocolate for obvious reasons].  I just don't feel inclined to go to all that bother in order for the dogs to scoff stuff that isn't all that healthy for them anyway.  Maybe I could make one.  The chocolate lime cake.  Mwahahaha.  

Am I being unfair?  What would you do?

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i wouldn't stay in a place like that. grand of you to do that.good friend
    38 days ago
    No,not unfair at all. I think you've found the perfect compromise, Hope it goes ahead and you have a good time.
    38 days ago
    You might just have to come up with a good Plan B for your friend since she can't do it herself. Taking the one cake sounds like a reasonable plan. Enjoy your trip as best you can.
    39 days ago
    I’m with you all the way. Elaine needs to be a tad more considerate of her guests…
    Enjoy that chocolate and lime cake. Btw, recipe please!
    39 days ago
    Oh, my…not selfish one wit!
    So many things up in the air regarding your trip…that would stress me out.
    39 days ago
    oh gosh no, not unfair at all!
    Sounds like you were going to a lot of trouble, but with things so up in the air I wouldn't bother, or just take one.

    You are such a good friend TIZ.
    Just hope it's not cancelled.
    39 days ago
    I was going to suggest making all the cakes some sort of chocolate derivative, but you beat me to it! Chocolate lime sounds delish!

    I don't think you're being unfair at all, if that's your only concern. It is a rare person indeed who would make and transport three cakes over hill and dale for someone else's party (though I do know you to be that rare). If you do take the cakes, do you have to leave all with Elaine? Can you not share out to your kids if the party is cancelled?

    I'd do whatever I felt I had the time and patience for, whether the party was cancelled, or not... though I do have a habit of allowing my natural enthusiasm/generosity to overrun my good sense and realistic limits... and I'm usually past the point of no return before I realize 'I've done it again.' Though... under the circumstances, I'd be looking for ways to make the whole thing elegant and fun, and as little work as is possible. I would say your company is every bit as enticing as cake!

    39 days ago
    That last line got me . . . . chocolate lime cake! That's the ticket.

    You are indeed a good friend, and I hope that things aren't cancelled. That would be too bad for friends like the one making a long trekk . . . well, and you, too!

    39 days ago
    You are a good friend. 💐🌻🌺🌹👍
    40 days ago
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