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Sunday, June 20, 2021

First day of the challenge. I stepped on the scale yesterday for weigh in and was not expecting to see 139. I figured I would be about 142 this morning as I usually fluctuate about 3 pounds daily. I was surprised to see 138.5 instead! My goal weight during the 5% spring challenge was 136.8 I ended the challenge at about 140 or 141 I think. I am only 1.7 pounds away. I have noticed recently that my weight hasn't been fluctuating as usual. It has been so hot that I sweat alot during the day. We have been really active with the kids but not necessarily making the healthiest food choices. However, I haven't been eating as much either because it is just too hot. I think I may be busting through a plateau. My goal now is to continue to lose or maintain 140 or lower. We have had a great time with the kids. We have been to the beach, saw some local attractions in our area, Red Fishing in Venice, and camping every weekend in between. The kids made new friends, In Venice they both landed red fish and saw dolphins, alligators and pelicans. They were interested in the oil rigs and shrimp boats because they have never seen them before. They swam in a pool often, and played in a creek. The grandson won Bingo, sang karaoke (great by the way) and got pretty good at cornhole. We all play cornhole as a family if not too hot after supper. It has been great fun. Granddaughter and I stay up for late night chats after the guys go to bed. She has been painting sea shells in our free time and tomorrow we are going to go shopping for a Birthday present for her little sister. It has been a great month. We have to meet the granddaughters dad (half-way) on Thursday so we are just winding down for now and enjoying some quiet time before the trip back. We are watching favorite movies tonight. It will be sad to see them go but they are getting a little homesick. I really didn't worry about tracking food or exercise during their stay and was expecting to gain a little or at least remain the same. I didn't participate in the IBC even tho I joined. Sometimes I think too much planning is sabotaging my efforts. I noticed that I ate very little breakfast this last month, lunch was a ham sandwhich and a single serving bag of chips and dinner was what ever. I never felt hungry and my dinner portions have been smaller. I have been drinking a lot more fluids with the heat. I was off SP for awhile after the kids got here. Upon returning, I was sad to hear that SP is shutting down and will miss all of my friends. I hope we can meet on another venue but I am not going to stress out over it. It is an unnecessary stressor in our lives.. Life will go on for all of us. We have developed healthy habits and all of us should be able to be accountable on our own. I do like the format of SP 360. I have always thought that SP was hard to navigate, to cluttered for my taste and there are too many outdated articles and duplicate recipes. But I have enjoyed it and appreciate all of my freinds. Good luck with your goals.
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