Prelude--A horror story

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sun beams upon the dirty glass of a cheap hotel room. Lost in the middle of a deserted small town. The Locals sit on their porches trying to avoid the heat.
Mandy uses a pen to open the blinds so that she may see the excitement outside. She giggles as they wipe sweat from their eyes with wash rags. She then wonders why she giggled and after some inaudible thought slides the pen back into her ear and is done planning her boring day in her planner.
’It don’t matter where your going as long as you got a plan’, she thinks and giggles. She then gazes as Timothy in the smoke filled room and smiles.
Timothy hit’s the bowl and smiles over at her. Mandy runs her fingers thru his hair then scoots over and nuzzles her face in his hair, inhaling his sweat smell. She then sniffs his underarms as he laughs. She loves the smell of a man’s sweat and he knows so he barely wears deodorant for her pleasure.
Mandy’s lips hover over his mouth he can smell her breath he moves in closer and gives her a peck. This is not enough for her she kisses his bottom lip then runs her tongue along the bottom of his lip and tongue. He finally hands her the bowl but she don’t mind she can do with or with out the weed but she cannot do with out him. She may not know much but this she feels in her being.
She is where fate brought her there for she is where she belongs. She may not have made the best choices but they were all out of love and she can never say she didn’t follow her heart. Even if it was a malfunctioning retarded one it was the only one she had. Lately things have seemed weird unreal. Perhaps it was just all the weed. She felt as if the end was near. The end of what she did not know. So she tried to make the most of each day but the sadness seeped in no matter how hard she tried. She cried for humanity, for all the beauty god had created. He may not have giving her everything but she always had what she needed. And for her that was enough.
Mandy then felt as if her stomach was falling with out her. She pressed her hand against her stomach and wondered if she may be pregnant. They’ve been as careful as they could but nothing is a sure thing. If life has taught her anything it was this.
She then looked over at Timothy and realized he wasn’t feeling well either.
“Are you okay honey?”
“Yes I’m fine will you stop asking me.”, he replied sternly with fear in his eyes. He looked like a deer caught in an Sport Utility Vehicle’s head lights.
“Fine damn be that way.”
“I will.”
“Alllrrrightty then.” , she tries to make fun sounding like Jim Carey. When she sees her humor has no affect on him she scoots back over and decides not to worry him further.
Suddenly a feeling of such calm came over her yet her heart began to pound quickly. She put her hand to her chest and could barely feel anything. She panicked for a moment then felt her heart beat. Her hands felt numb but every touch felt like a feather being lovingly swayed along the surface. She rubbed her fingers lightly together enjoying her own flesh for what seemed the first time. She always thought she wasn’t that sexy but began to think else wise. She felt safe and whole. She suddenly had the urge to touch herself else where, and everywhere. Everything felt so good so real yet she was alone or was she?
Timothy began to twitch as red lines rose upon his neck. Mandy never would have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own two eyes. His gold chain then began to spin on its own.
“Um honey your chain moved, and where did you get those scratches?”
“Stop accusing me?”
“Accusing you of what honey?”
“Never mind.”
“Okay, I’m just worried about you honey.”
“Yeah, yeah, crazy woman.”
She decided to shut up before things escalated. He could be the sweetest guy in the world but when he got angry it was hard to calm him. Much like The Hulk.
The bed then began to shake and Mandy wondered was she the only one who felt it. Although the bed was shaking she still felt so calm. She then felt a tingle between her legs, as a warm shiver ran up her spine. She then smelt something so good and clean it seemed out of this world. A smell she knew so well yet had never smelt before. A smell so old yet so new. It was as if she could smell life for the very first time. She could feel life’s breath as it engulfed her from the inside and out side all at once. She suddenly felt dizzy with feeling and closed her eyes so that she could perhaps see what she could not see with her eyes open. She saw a bright light surrounded by dark shadows that swayed about. The seemed to etch out the infinity symbol. So they were infinite she realized. Where they helping her or hurting her she wondered. Yet how could hurting feel so good and safe. She simply relaxed and trusted in god to see her thru. She knew even if they were hurting her she would end up in his arms. She had faith and that was what saved her. Timothy on the other had was not so lucky. He had no faith in anything other than himself. This saddened Mandy and she was afraid for him. Please forgive him she prayed. He knows not what he does. But who ever really does. We never know the consequences of our actions until it is too late.
Timothy began to scream a scream so piercing it shock her soul. Her eyes bolted open as if awaked from a deep slumber. Timothy’s chain is wrapped so tightly around his neck skin sags around it and there are multiple chins forming on a very slender man. His once white and beautiful neck is now red and purple. She lunges to help him then wonders how he is screaming. Mandy goes to undo his chain and a jolt of electricity runs thru her and slams her onto the bed. She is stunned but a fighter and tries to jump up but finds her arms and legs are bound by something she cannot see. She struggles and tries to gnaw at invisible binds and finds she can not find any with her teeth.
‘Then what is holding me back because it’s not me.’, she wonders.
Thomas is then lifted above the bed. His eyes meet Mandy’s as tears roll down her cheeks.
“Baby I can’t get free. I’m sorry I’m so weak.”
Tears began to fall from his eyes and drip on her face as his chain loosened so he could talk to her one last time.
“No your not baby. You’re the strongest woman or man I have even known.”
She continued to cry and taste his tears as they touched her lips. She longed to hold him, if this was his end she wanted him to go in her arms.
“I was bad honey. I’m so sorry. I want to go with you so very bad but I know he will give me what I deserve and maybe someday I’ll be in your arms forever and ever. Don’t be scared for me baby. Even in the wrong hands I’m in good hands. Do you understand?”
“I think so. I love you baby and I always will.”
“I know honey but its not enough to save me now maybe it will be in the long run. I always loved taking the long way around.” he says with a strong smile.
“I want to hold you. Please let me hold him one last time.”
After a long pause, perhaps the most uncomfortable one in all their lives his body is lowered to her but not enough. Her right arm is free as if It’s never been restrained. Thomas’s face is barely with in her reach. She stretches as hard as she can and grazes his cheek and wipes his tears.
“You’ve held me long enough love and I know you always will in your heart.”
Her tears are incontrollable and she can barely see him. She must stop her self to see him for as long as she can to calm him and be strong for him. She kisses her hand filled with his tears and reaches with all her might to touch his lips.
“I’ll be fighting for you baby every minute of every day. I know no matter what I love you and so does he.”
“I hope you’re right love. I have faith in you love and with that I know someday I’ll have faith in him.”, Thomas struggles for air as the chain retightens…. “Good Bye my love” he manages before falling lifeless onto the bed. With his head in her bosom she cradles him and kisses his head. She tries to say good bye but no words can protrude her lips as tears fill the bed.

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