Wednesday, December 05, 2007

TODAY I am 32 lbs lighter than when I began Spark 11 weeks ago.
289 - 09/18/07 SW
257 - 12/05/07 today
My ticker only reflects -30 lbs because I "officially" weigh-in on Mondays but my new digital scale has become my morning friend. WOW! I never thought I would say that!

32 lbs in 11 weeks for a busy, overworked 52-yr old woman is pretty wonderful by anyone's standards!

I have been taught that if you want to experience success in life and business, you find out what successful people are doing-- and then go do that.

People I see regularly are taking notice and ask me how I'm losing weight. My answer, "The old fashioned way-- counting calories and exercising!" Then I begin to praise SparkPeople.com and the incredible people here, the nutrition tracker and exercise logs. I never imagined I could get such amazing support online.

People ask me for tips to make it through December (a.k.a.-- the "eating" holidays.)

I actually LOST WEIGHT during Thanksgiving! What I did was this: any time I looked at tempting food, I kept telling myself, "It's NOT worth it!" I also took time to remember all the years that I gave into temptation... and yep, here I began at age 52 and the highest weight I've ever been because of years of giving into temptation. I wasted 20+ years of my life being ashamed, embarrassed and fat-- NO MORE! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!! The choices I made in the past got me to the point I am now. I can either change my life.. or it will stay the same... and, God forbid, it can even get worse (my diabetic mom is facing leg amputation). But ultimately, it is MY choice. No one else can do this for me.

My advice to those of you who are still young... tackle this healthy lifestyle now and don't waste your life as I did!

My HOLIDAY advice to you is to fill up on fresh veggies and lots of water. Surround yourself with strong motivational quotes-- for me, this healthy lifestyle challenge a MENTAL game... reminding myself I CAN DO THIS, I AM STRONG! IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Then, once you have your motivational "armor" on-- Allow yourself a bite here and there so you don't feel deprived... but not until you have fortified your armor of motivational protection.

(I recently read this encouragement below. I'm sorry I don't know the origination but PLEASE allow it to fortify you through these tempting holidays.)


In the U.S. version of The Biggest Loser T.V. show, when one of the contestants was feeling like she couldn't complete the exercise she was doing... in a very poignant moment Jillian, her trainer, posed the question that gave her focus and strength to go on... 'What are your choices?'...

That's a good question to ask ourselves everytime we reach for the food that is going to catapult our caloric intake over our daily goals, when we sit in our chair debating whether to 'take it easy' or get up and do that exercise we said we were going to do, when we are halfway through a tough workout and feel tempted to cut it short and just go relax (after all we did *something* didn't we?)... WHAT ARE YOUR CHOICES?

One of my favorite quotes is 'What you are today is the result of decisions you made yesterday; what you will be tomorrow will be the result of decisions you make today.' It all comes down to choices. Choices we made in the past got us to the point we are now. Choices we make now will decide what we will be in the future.

Look ahead twelve months from now. Will you still be sitting here saying, 'I really want to lose weight, I really do.. I just can't seem to get motivated. I just can't seem to get up and exercise. I just can't seem to resist those high calorie foods.. I just can't......' Or will you have twelve months of weight loss, improving fitness and health, and be looking and feeling better, having more energy, and feeling really good about how far you've come in the past 12 months?

WHAT ARE YOUR CHOICES? You can either change your life.. or it will stay the same. But it is YOUR choice. Twelve months from now will you just be twelve months older? or will you be twelve months better? twelve months closer to your goals? twelve months healthier?

If you do the same things you've always done, you'll get the same results you've always gotten. If you don't change your habits and attitudes, you wont' change your body either. You can't get where you want to be by staying where you are. WHAT ARE YOUR CHOICES?

Write it down on the fabric of your heart, write it on a piece of paper and put it in your purse or billfold, put it on your refrigerator where you can't miss it... WHAT ARE MY CHOICES? Because it is YOUR choices that got you to where you are.. it will be YOUR choices that will change your life.

Okay, getting down off my soap box now. Is it obvious I am trying to fortify my own armor, gearing up for the holiday temptations? WE CAN DO THIS! WE ARE STRONG!!!
Today's a NEW DAY! I will live it with passion and find that extra bit of love for myself and tell myself that I deserve a healthy lifestyle and gorgeous body.

Hugs, Camille (a.k.a. "OIL PAINTER")

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    HOW TRUE!! You GO GIRL! CONGRATS on the weight loss so far... you are DOING IT! I know you are proud of yourself... keep pressing on and CHOOSING for yourself what you want. I always say that each day is a chance to choose health... actually, each choice is a chance. I've been making the wrong choices and sabotaging myself. I'm ready to stop that. I want to be moving toward the Dec 2008 that I want... looking back with a strong healthy body and a beautiful summer body too! Thanks for your post... very encouraging and moving me off my butt! Merry Christmas!!!
    4902 days ago
  • NOR1498
    WTG on your loss.....you are doing fantastic. This blog is inspiring not only you but to those of us who read it!!!

    My choice is to follow the healthy lifestyle I have been indulging in and loving the results!!!! I too WILL get through this holiday in a healthy way!!
    4910 days ago
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