Thursday, December 20, 2007

I never imagined an ONLINE support group would help me soooo much! If you asked me 6 months ago I would have told you I needed REAL people... but 3 months on Spark I've discovered YOU ARE REAL! And you REALLY CARE! (I'm literally choking back tears of appreciation.)

Sept 18 - Dec. 18 on spark -- I've lost 33 lbs!!!

I went to my GYN doctor for my annual yesterday and for the first time in my entire life, I was excited to step onto that doctor's scale. The staff Woo-Hooed me when the nurse exclaimed, "You've lost 30 lbs!" They asked me how I did it and I admitted, "The old-fashioned way-- counting calories and exercise... and SparkPeople.com motivational friends."

My GYN Dr. told me that when I lose another 30, I will be in the SAFE ZONE away from my pre-diabetic condition. Woooooooo Hooooooooo! I CAN DO THIS!!! No type-2 Diabetes for me! With my mom facing leg amputation within the year, this is a HUGE break-through for me!

ELIMINATE EXCUSES is my success mantra. My biggest excuse is "No Time" and boy have I proven myself wrong-- this is one of the busiest times ever with my daughter's wedding in 15 days + working full time/over time + Christmas + home renovations... sheesh!!! I've learned not to ask, "What else can happen."

I used to hate exercise but now look forward to the time away from crazy-ville (such is my life). And, I've realized that when I go at certain times, the lady who works that time slot talks to me... and I work out longer and harder. I've discovered THIS really helps-- to have a friend occupying your mind!

I've discovered this weight loss/healthy lifestyle thing is a MENTAL challenge. I got this heavy by NOT THINKING about my decisions but merely reacting to the food and choices before me. The bible says, "The flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing..."-- well, that is ME to the "T"!

I had to really CONCENTRATE my first 3-4 weeks to MENTALLY break all my bad habits like: stopping my car on the way home for a "treat" at a fast food window; picking up that "treat" next to the check-out line in the store; eating mindlessly whatever was offered me at others' homes; ordering the tastiest choice at restaurants instead of ordering the healthy choice within my caloric allowance to get me to my goal.

Christmas has been challenging, VERY challenging-- because the FOOD commercials and treats all around us this time of year. I have allowed myself a slip-up or two... but the difference THIS TIME is that I MENTALLY concentrate on realizing that this is the habit that got me living in 20+ years of shame and bad health so I quickly get back on track. I take the time to look up the calorie content in my "bad choice" food and RECORD IT (another time-robber which, when I MENTALLY take time to realize it will rob more of my precious time, this realization helps keep my hand from grabbing that "bad choice").

One thing that helped me at a recent Christmas Party when a hostess was pushing specific food on me to eat was this: I politely told her that I have lost 33 lbs in 12 weeks and have approximately 100 more to lose. I appreciate her hard work that went into her dish but I cannot afford to jeopardize my success no matter how badly I wished to try her offering. IT WORKED! She pulled back and was great about changing the subject.

To make every decision based on whether it will help me get to my final GOALS. To MENTALLY review the choices before me instead of just reacting. If a choice will get me closer to achieving my personal, spiritual, and/or business goals, I will choose "YES" as my answer. If not, then I MUST decline.... and I've been practicing my polite decline already... "I'd love to, but I can't..." knowing full well I owe no one an explanation and I will STAY STRONG knowing this realization.

STAY STRONG EVERYONE!!! I don't know if I will be able to connect much in the next few weeks because the wedding is so close... then I go to Scottsdale, AZ for the International Realism exhibition (I have 3 paintings accepted).

To all us us I pray a STRONG and Merry Christmas and a MENTALLY CHARGED New Year!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You ROCK Lady!!! I'm so proud of you and yes, I am REAL and I do CARE! I am right here in Nashville...CHEERING you ON! You are doing so great and I can't wait to hear about the wedding and the art show. This is a NEW DAY for you and God is GOOD! I need to get going. I do good for awhile and then bad. I just want to do it and keep it off. Thanks for your encouragement!
    4856 days ago
    Great Blog! WTG on making the mental connection and moving towards your goals!
    4884 days ago
    I look forward to my subscription to your blog!

    Have a happy Holiday and can't wait to hear about your daughters wedding!

    Would love it if you joined 30 Days till.. So, your blogs will show up at the bottom of our page..for others to get inspired by you.... They might not other wise find your Blogs!

    Congrats on your paintings!
    4894 days ago
    YAY CAMILLE!!!! :) Isn't it great to feel that mindshift and recognize all those old BAD habits that you are no longer doing??? :D

    You listed some of the same things -- and I was doing some of those things in DEFIANCE of what I knew was good. Like ok -- at the restaurant -- YES that burger has 3 patties and tons of cheese and bacon, but what do I care? I may be big but I love me some big fatty food! SCREW YOU WORLD! But I was really screwing myself over. And I didn't really realize it until about a year ago. Making conscious decisions about food actually FEELS BETTER. Who knew? :) hehehehe. I love having you on my team and WHY ON EARTH WERE YOU NOT ON MY FRIENDS LIST. anyway I added ya.
    4895 days ago
    I really admire how you've thought this all through, and then written it down for those of us who come after.

    I think that the MOST important thing you wrote (after "NO EXCUSES") is "to make every decision based on whether it will help me get to my final GOALS". That's it, in a nutshell. And you are right, we've never learned to think that way.

    Have a blessed Christmas, enjoy the wedding, good luck in Scottsdale and post when you can.
    PS The ticker was just to get me past the first 10% (29lbs.) I've now set it for just past where I got the first time on South Beach.
    4895 days ago
    Amazing blog... good for you. Good luck with everything. You have just made my day a little more positive
    4895 days ago
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