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Monday, February 04, 2008

I should not be gaining weight but I did. First of all, I had been on vacation and returned to work the other night. I worked 2 nights and then I have been off another long stretch. While I have started working out 2-3 times a week, I am not getting enough cardio because of my knees. I used to swim at the Y but they closed. And now, I am 60 pounds more than when I used to go to the Y and even if it was open now, I am way too embarrassed to get into a swim suit. With the bad knees I need to find something to do to get my cardio in. My trainer has me doing arm cycling to rev up my metabolism but that is so boring and I can only do it when the PT office at my gym is open since the gym does not have the equipment. There is a pool 40 min away that is a learn to swim and improve swim place and very expensive because you have individual lessons. And then there is the issue again with the swim suit.

Since I went to night shift work 3 years ago, I have gained 30 pounds and then another 20-30 over the past year, 10 just this past month. I need to lose the weight for knee surgeries. My internist wants me to have the lap band surgery. I don't know what I want...I wish I could just eat correctly. I emotionally eat and drink too much soda.

Last week, i noticed that WW just started on Tuesday AMs at my gym. I did not go but I think i need to go tomorrow. WW is the only plan which has worked for me in the past. I lost 50 pounds in the past over 3 months but that was with diet soda(I don't want to go that route again) and swimming. I got confident and thought I did not have to count my points and I gained it all and then some.

I am going to go to WW tomorrow and I will continue to work out at the gym. I am up to 10 min with breaks on the treadmill and I will just increase by 1 min each visit. Here goes....And I think I will maintain my weight loss blog here in
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  • L*I*T*A*
    hi................i have knee problems and the pool is the best place for my knees..............i don't care what i look like and neither does anybody else for that matter...............unless you are looking for a boyfriend or are young,those are the only ones i see caring about how they look...............if this is going to make you and your knees feel better wouldn't you do it???? get going and just do it!!!! have been given great advice so far............... if you don't take care of you,who will???..............wishing you all the best...............sending prayers,blessings and hugs............lita
    4845 days ago
    Keep at it! You are doing many of the right things...treadmill, WW.

    Here are the basics to really revving up your weight loss:

    1) input: quality in = quality results! I would highly suggest removing as many temptations as possible from your home so that when emotional eating strikes you have nothing but healthy stuff to binge on!

    2) output: increasing physical activity. Swimming sounds like an ideal outlet, and while I would suggest trumping your embarrassment by insisting to yourself that you ARE going to swim and won't give ANYONE the power to stop you! I know that is easier said than done. Alternative (until you're ready for the pool): browse through the SP exercises and build an exercise routine for yourself in the privacy of your home. Stick to it as much as possible, perhaps varying parts of the body you're targeting from day to day.

    3) Water, water and MORE water! Flush your hunger away! We have a water cooler next to our fridge at home...which makes it very easy to divert myself from the fridge when I find myself lurking about and instead guzzle the old water down. It is truly miraculous what increasing your water intake can do for weight loss!

    It won't be long before you'll be knocking those pounds down to a point where your ready for the pool and expanding your cardio outlets so you can drop even MORE weight!

    You CAN do it! You will feel SO MUCH BETTER when YOU are in control instead of your HUNGER!

    Don, Co-Leader of All Health Professionals SparkTeam
    4845 days ago
  • SNIX66
    Not sure where you are located-but could you call around to your local hospitals to find out which one has a big ol' indoor therapy pool? I have seen the group that attends this type of get together-and it's not about the 'looking good in a suit' it's all about the getting healthier and mostly everyone is in the same boat.
    4845 days ago
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