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Another Day
Tuesday, April 14, 2020      2 comments

Another day has come and gone! Today was day 2 of my program. I was definitely sore after yesterdays workout but I still pressed play today. It was Lower Fix workout and my legs are feeling the burn sill! It feels really good to be back to wo... Read more
Back at it Again...?
Monday, April 13, 2020      5 comments

It has been quite awhile since I have been on here.. life as they say happened. I had lots going on and to be truthful, I just didn't make the time to get on here. I have definitely missed it. Missed all the friends I had made and talked to... Read more
21DF Rd 2 Day 9
Tuesday, January 17, 2017      0 comments

so I decided this round to not do a blog entry everyday. I have too much going on and just generally too busy so I'm just doing it periodically. These past couple days have been pretty tough. A really dear person to me passed away on Sunday e... Read more
21DF Rd 2 Day 1
Monday, January 09, 2017      3 comments

Today I started another round of the 21 Day Fix. I just have to say that I really love this program. Back in November after I had finished my first round of it and finished Thinner Winner at my local gym, I was going to start another round right... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 21 & Results
Monday, November 07, 2016      2 comments

Yesterday was day 21 but whatever sickness I was fighting for the past few days hit me full force mid afternoon yesterday and I felt like I got hit by a freight train. I ended up taking medicine, called in to work and went to bed around 830. I w... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 20
Sunday, November 06, 2016      4 comments

Day 20!! Today I went to Step class. I almost didn't go. I'm fighting a cold and I was feel awful this morning and I almost had myself talked out of it when I just decided I am going to go and do what I can. I pushed myself as much as coul... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 19
Saturday, November 05, 2016      4 comments

Yesterday was day 19. I was too tired at the end of the day to get on and write my post for the day. Yesterday was a rough day for me. I wasn't feeling good. Pretty sure that I have the start of a cold and yesterday was rough. I did a pretty ... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 18
Thursday, November 03, 2016      1 comments

Ah My opening day! The day that seems to always take forever actually went by pretty quickly. It was probably the best day at work in a couple of months! I can't believe that it is day 18 already! I feel like this round is just flying by!!... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 17
Wednesday, November 02, 2016      1 comments

What a day today has been! It was like the day that wouldn't end. It seemed to go by so slow and I thought it would never be over! Today was Lower Fix and boy what a workout! As much as I dread doing leg day, I actually enjoy. I love worki... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 16
Tuesday, November 01, 2016      2 comments

Going to be a short post tonight. I should already be in bed but I needed to do this blog first. Today was Upper Fix. I felt like I really killed it in my workout this morning. One of the things we do in Upper Fix is circle crunches. Autum... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 15
Monday, October 31, 2016      4 comments

Ah the start of week 3! Total Body Cardio Fix... oh my! Let me say this. I hate surrenders! I swear that when you first start out doing them, they don't seem that been. Then you keep going and you really start feeling it! Last time having to do ... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 14
Sunday, October 30, 2016      1 comments

Today marks the end of week 2. One more week to go and I will have completed this round! this was my recover day so I did some walking and stretching. Also, since it is Sunday, it is my prep day. On Sundays I try to get my shopping done and prep... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 13
Saturday, October 29, 2016      1 comments

Tonight is going to be a short post because I am really tired and am wanting to get some sleep. Step class this morning was really great. Got a really good sweat in and burned almost 600 calories.Step class is definitely going to be one that I... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 12
Friday, October 28, 2016      2 comments

Woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. to do Cardio Fix and I felt pretty refreshed. There were a couple times that I woke up during the night and my muscles were sore and I knew that I worked them pretty hard yesterday and got a few good workouts in... Read more
21 Day Fix Day 11
Thursday, October 27, 2016      2 comments

Wow what a day today was! Had my alarm set for 4:25 a.m. so I could get up and do my workout before work, out of no where I woke up and looked at my phone and it was 4:21. Might as well get up and get that workout in! ... Read more

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