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Yes, I'm here to whine about the STEP...AGAIN!
Thursday, March 12, 2009      2 comments

Step Height Research conducted during the infancy of step (in the early 1990s) was primarily concerned with the effects of step height when the cadence was maintained below 124 BPM. During the latter part of the decade, step aerobics entere... Read more
Surgery a Success!
Tuesday, March 10, 2009      4 comments

Seth is doing well after surgery. Tomorrow the family goes to "class" to learn how to properly use the feeding tube and how to clean it. Sharon was upbeat and in a positively "good place." Thank you all for your prayers and encouragem... Read more
Surgery Scheduled for 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, 3/10
Monday, March 09, 2009      1 comments

1. Feeding tube goes in tomorrow in the form of a "button" in Seth's tummy. 2. This method of feeding is to provide nourishment straight into the stomach. 3. He could use it as little as three months to as much as four years from now. ... Read more
Seth's Surgery on Tuesday
Monday, March 09, 2009      3 comments

Seth is about the same...when I called last night, Sharon and Marvin (husband) were waiting for the ER doctor. Seth was highly irritable, and they didn't know why. (Please forgive bullet format...) 1. Marvin was on his way home to catch a ... Read more
A little family time...
Saturday, March 07, 2009      4 comments

... Read more
Friday, March 06, 2009      2 comments

When I called Sharon at lunch, the Neurologist was there. Of course she apologized for me having to wait...(sigh...that girl!). Just got home...called again. Here's the update... 1. The swelling is only in the right temporal lobe, ... Read more
My Heavy Heart
Thursday, March 05, 2009      6 comments

My goodness...troubling times have been all around us (Sparkpeople) this week. From lost jobs to ill health, to ill spouses... While I've sat in my comfortable chair praying for all of these needs, my life continues on its merry way. Eve... Read more
Feeling Better
Monday, March 02, 2009      3 comments

"Hi Every body! This is my mom's portion control whole wheat pasta bag!" Add one portion whole wheat pa... Read more
Warning...Hazardous to YOUR EYES
Monday, March 02, 2009      3 comments

I am sick! I freaked out on Friday b/c the scales said I gained five pounds. There are a couple of reasons I think this happened. 1. I added more strength training this week. Muscle Power! 2. My suggested caloric in take changed due to w... Read more
Lane Bryant versus Fat Girl
Saturday, February 28, 2009      0 comments

Read the blogs where ladies are writing goodbye letters to Lane Bryant and other Plus-sized retailers? Those letters are fun and easy to write because of their "tell-off" nature. Here's another tell-off letter I'm encouraging you to w... Read more
Which tastes better...Humble Pie? or Crow? Whammy Conlusion:
Saturday, February 28, 2009      4 comments

If you've read Part One and Two, you know I've been frustrated by things that were out of my control...or so I thought. 1. The gym where I'm employed filled the aerobics room with new equipment and new taller steps. (This reduced the floo... Read more
Double Whammy Part 2
Saturday, February 28, 2009      2 comments

Needing to speak with the gym's OWNER, I left a letter with the manager about how the steps were out of compliance in height. This is where I need to tell you I began the letter with: Dear Scott, I'd like to thank you for the o... Read more
A Double Whammy...Part ONE
Saturday, February 28, 2009      1 comments

Make mine a double...please. It's been a frustrating week. I really wanted to say "crappy," but that's not very positive, or lady like, so FRUSTRATING remains. Whammy One: Last week at the gym, I walked into my aerobics class only... Read more
Mom just called...
Sunday, February 22, 2009      3 comments

OMGoodness!!! I can hardly type for the shock from my mother in law's call just now... she's having strawberries and biscuits! ... Read more
Weigh In Day
Wednesday, February 18, 2009      4 comments

Weigh in day! Down 2 pounds... a grand total of 15 pounds! Just 83 pounds to go...ya hoo! wink wink emoticon... Read more

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