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Week 5 of Couch to 5k - DONE!
Wednesday, August 18, 2010      1 comments

I completed week 5 of the couch to 5k program last week. I am just now writing a blog about it because I haven't been feeling very well. I came down with a migraine on Saturday and have felt pretty energy-less since. I am doing better and did... Read more
Week 4 of Couch to 5k - DONE!
Saturday, August 07, 2010      3 comments

I completed week 4 of the couch to 5k program by today. I feel like I did much better by repeating this week. I look forward to week five with a healthy dose of nervousness. Week 5 will bring with it some longer jogging interv... Read more
Week 4 of Couch to 5k
Saturday, July 31, 2010      0 comments

I didn't quite finish up week 4. I got in 2 of the runs, but missed the 3rd. I will repeat this week next week. I have had a crazy schedule, so I just didn't get it in. I did what I could, though. Hopefully, I can improve by repeating... Read more
Week 3 of Couch to 5k - Done!
Saturday, July 24, 2010      1 comments

Well, week 3 went pretty good. I had a hard time running the 3 minute interval the second day, because I was sore from the circuit training I started this week. OUCH!! My hamstrings and gluts hurt so bad, but I pressed on through anyway. The... Read more
Week 2 of Couch to 5k - DONE!!
Saturday, July 17, 2010      0 comments

I completed week 2 of Couch to 5k today. It was GREAT!! I love this program!! I feel so good when I complete the workout. I have been doing some good stretching afterward to work on my flexibility. I probably should do some warm up str... Read more
Week 1 of Couch to 5k - DONE!
Saturday, July 03, 2010      4 comments

Just writing to say that I have completed week 1 of the couch to 5k. It's gone well. I will start adding in some circuit training next week on alternate days. I was going to this week, but seems like time has alluded me. I also, have bee... Read more
New Diet Plan - The Primal Blueprint
Thursday, June 24, 2010      2 comments

So, I have taken a major break from dieting and exercising and I am ready to get back to it. I have gained some back, but hope to pull it back off. My husband and I have both decided to give The Primal Blueprint a try. We are going to try it ... Read more
On a Hiatus
Thursday, May 13, 2010      2 comments

I am so sorry for my absence lately. I have been on a major hiatus! I haven't worked out, tracked calories or anything in about 3 weeks or so!! CRAZY!! I planted a garden again this year and it has totally consumed my days as well as my chil... Read more
A New Goal
Monday, April 26, 2010      3 comments

I am setting a new personal goal. This goal does not involve weight loss, but it is something that I have tried for years to achieve. I have decided to stop biting my nails. It's a horrible habit! I actually stopped biting them about 3 mont... Read more
Goal Resetting Again...
Monday, April 12, 2010      2 comments

Well, it looks like I need to reset my goals AGAIN. I would like for this to be the last time I have to do so. I don't know if it will be, though. Here's to hoping they work this time. *170 - May 30, 2010 *160 - July 30, 2010 *150 - Sep... Read more
My Husband's Interview
Wednesday, March 31, 2010      4 comments

He was thrilled to be interviewed for this site. Check it out here:
nsanity-workout/ I'm so proud of how far he'... Read more
I completed Insanity!
Wednesday, March 24, 2010      10 comments

This blog is a couple of weeks late, but I wanted to let everyone know that I did complete Insanity back on March 6th. I was supposed to do a final fit test on March 8th, but my daughter was sick and I didn't do it. Then, my hubby got sick and... Read more
Insanity & Baby Blues (picture included)
Friday, March 05, 2010      6 comments

My husband and I thought this Baby Blues Comic strip reminded us of Insanity. We think the creator must know something about it anyway...check it out below. HaHaHa!! I... Read more
When Food Is Foe: Stop the War Against Food
Tuesday, March 02, 2010      2 comments

I received a link to this article from Couch-to-5K on Facebook and thought I would share. It seems as if I am guilty of this. I am trying to improve my health, but realizing that I don't have to starve myself is a problem sometimes. It is wr... Read more
Insanity Fit Test #4
Tuesday, February 23, 2010      5 comments

So, I have fell behind a bit on my workouts. I got a migraine on Thursday afternoon and it lingered through the weekend. Yesterday, I fully intended to workout, but a headache started in again. It was more of a sinus headache. I think the we... Read more

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