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Easy Peasy Last Day
Sunday, May 31, 2009      3 comments

Today is the last day and I'm ready to start the new one tomorrow! It's been a busy week but that is good! The garage sale went good yesterday, Got it all cleaned up and put away. Maybe have another one in September and get rid of some more o... Read more
Friday, May 29, 2009      7 comments

My DIL and I are having a garage sale tomorrow and I have been busy most of the day getting ready for it. I didn't have much notice to get things ready and I'm sure I could have got lots more out of the closets if I had more time. I had already ... Read more
Thursday, May 28, 2009      7 comments

Today is the last day of school for my grandchildren, 10 year old Brooke (soon to be 11 on the 14thof June and wants to be 15) and 9 year old Isaac, and I will be babysitting for them again this summer. I know it will change my routine a lot and... Read more
Saturday, May 23, 2009      5 comments

I baby sat for my grandchildren this morning and them my DIL took me out to lunch.Then we came back to my house and she did my hair for me. I had gotten her some tomato plants for her so when she got ready to leave, I was telling how to plan... Read more
Another Day to Goal
Saturday, May 23, 2009      6 comments

Made it through another day. I had an eye appointment this afternoon. My son drove me there. We stopped at Subway on the way home and had a turkey breast sub with lots of veggies. Then over to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. We had the Loveit s... Read more
Easy-Peasy Challenge
Thursday, May 21, 2009      7 comments

Busy day today. I got the oil changed in my car and then took it to the car wash. Got it home and put leather conditioner on the seat and rubbed them down. Did some major weeding in the mulch at the end of my porch. My son came in for the weeken... Read more
The Woes of a New Computer
Saturday, May 16, 2009      7 comments

I have had a new HP computer for about a month now and I an still trying to get it set up the way I want/need it. It has the Windows Vista Operating System which I am not familiar with and no one I know can help me either. A window kept coming u... Read more
Cleaned My Garage Today
Thursday, May 14, 2009      5 comments

Finally got my garage cleaned out. It was so messy from the snow and rain last winter. Then the door on my freezer that is in the garage got left open and it had a wall of frost when I opened the door. So when I cleaned it out and defrosted it b... Read more
What I Hope to Gain from SP
Thursday, May 07, 2009      7 comments

Besides losing weight, I hope to: 1. get healthier 2. get off my meds 3. tone up 4. look better in clothes 5. have more self esteem 6. and gain a bunch of new friends thanks friends for all your support and encouragement . PS... Read more
Someone Who Inspires Me
Thursday, May 07, 2009      7 comments

I think all the women on this team inspire me. We all struggle, we all have our ups and downs with life., but since I have to pick one, I will pick TNDARLINGTON1. She is raising 2 boys on her own and she did what her dad told her get a good... Read more
Something that I Wish I had Done
Tuesday, May 05, 2009      13 comments

I wish I had stayed truer to my tracking when I started on SP last year. I did lose 30 pounds by summer and then I took a 3000 mile road trip with my sisters and did not track and exercise like I had been doing. If I had I would have been WAYYYY... Read more
Staying Motivated when I'm not Motivated
Tuesday, May 05, 2009      3 comments

When I am having problems staying motivated, I just picture how I use to look and think of the clothes that I could be wearing. Also, I want to get off my blood pressure meds and I know I have to keep going to be able to do that! I want to ost ... Read more
What I do When I feel Overwhelmed
Sunday, May 03, 2009      8 comments

When I am feeling overwhelmed, I turn on a Christian Radio Station or listen to K-Love on the internet. Then I start counting my blessings and thanking the Lord for them. Or I worship and dance along with the songs that I am listening to.... Read more
Childhood Lesson
Saturday, May 02, 2009      6 comments

My dad always taught me to be honest and pay my bills on time no matter what we needed or wanted growing up, Dad paid the bills first. He never actually said it to me, he just taught me by example.... Read more
Happy childhood memory for Friday!
Saturday, May 02, 2009      2 comments

I remember staying with my Grandma Lizzie. She had feather beds and they were soooo soft. She taught me how to make them up with a broom stick handle. Every lump had to be smoothed out perfectly even. She was always so gentle in her teaching and... Read more

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