tracked 4 days in a row
Saturday, June 04, 2011      2 comments

I went over my calories again, but tracking for me, especially on the weekend is a big accomplishment. I feel hungry tonight even though I went over my calories. I need to make better food choices that will fill me up more.... Read more
Went over my calorie goal, but at least I tracked
Friday, June 03, 2011      2 comments

Tracked every bite that went into my mouth. I would have been fine until we sat down to watch a movie and I started craving salt.... Read more
Third day of tracking my food
Thursday, June 02, 2011      2 comments

I find that I definitely eat less if I just track- this is day 3. Trying to keep it up!... Read more
Tracked my food . . .
Saturday, June 26, 2010      1 comments

for the first time in a long time. can't believe how mindlessly I have been eating.... Read more
Another bad week, but I'm back
Sunday, February 15, 2009      1 comments

I had a good beginning of the week, then it fell apart, sinking to an ultimate low with a Valentine's Day feast of pizza and hot fudge sundaes. I'm doing good today though, back to tracking my food. I did Yoga Booty Ballet tonight and also... Read more
Gained a pound
Sunday, February 08, 2009      2 comments

I'm starting to fall off the wagon. Didn't do too well this week and ended up gaining a pound. I really need to get back on track this week. I am going to focus on at least writing everything down. I stopped tracking and I think that was the... Read more
Took a little break yesterday, now back to business
Monday, February 02, 2009      1 comments

I didn't track my calories yesterday. We had a bunch of snacks for the superbowl and I didn't keep track of how much I was eating like I should have. I did try to keep the snacks pretty healthful. We had a lot of veggies with a light blue che... Read more
Last day of boot camp!
Saturday, January 31, 2009      0 comments

Last day of bootcamp. I did the video and 20 minutes of walking. I also did some swimming - although most of it was just playing around with my son. I did go over to the lap pool and did a few laps with a kickboard. So far I am within ... Read more
Day 27 - Boot camp challenge
Friday, January 30, 2009      0 comments

I did the video tonight and 30 minutes of walking/jogging around the basement with my son. I did my boot camp video and just now read that the optional challenge was to cook dinner at home. Oops - totally blew that one! I usually only go out ... Read more
Day 26 Boot Camp Challenge
Thursday, January 29, 2009      0 comments

I did the video and 30 minutes cardio. Just couldn't make myself do the extra challenge. I'm so tired tonight. I was happy to just do what I did. I also met my calorie goal. My weight bumped up a little this morning. I hope it is just wat... Read more
Day 25 - Boot Camp Challenge
Wednesday, January 28, 2009      1 comments

I really didn't want to do cardio today, but I am so close to the end of boot camp challenge and haven't missed a day, so I got it done. And I'm glad I did. I also did the video. Didn't do the optional video because my son wanted to bake c... Read more
Day 24 - Boot Camp Challenge
Tuesday, January 27, 2009      0 comments

I did the video today and 30 minutes of Yoga Booty Ballet. The extra challenge today was to eat high fiber - between 25-35 g. This is something that I have been working on and today I had 30 g.... Read more
Day 23 - Boot camp challenge
Monday, January 26, 2009      0 comments

I did the video, but didn't do the butt blasting challenge. I picked up the Yoga Boot Ballet DVD tonight at the library and did that for my cardio, so I think my butt had enough blasting tonight! Met my calorie goal and ate really healthy ... Read more
Day 22 Boot camp challenge -- starting the week off right!
Sunday, January 25, 2009      0 comments

I did the kickboxing video twice and the stretching video. I also ran around the basement with my son. I stayed within my calorie range today.... Read more
Day 21 - boot camp challenge
Saturday, January 24, 2009      0 comments

Today was tough because we were in the car for five hours and ate out, but I did manage to do the video AND walked 25 min. in the basement and 30 minutes at an outlet mall. I'm not sure if I counted all of my restaurant food correctly, but I th... Read more

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