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2020 Christmas Crafts 1
Sunday, November 22, 2020      5 comments

I spent the better part of 4 days making 10 Christmas ornaments to give as Christmas gifts. It was fun but very tedious. Our oldest daughter already claimed the boy and girl gingerbread people as hers. I made 2 of the blue stocking so I only t... Read more
Zeus Is Better!
Friday, November 20, 2020      9 comments

Just a quick blog because I feel a brain/energy crash starting. Zeus, the wonder dog, is finally healed. He got really sick and almost died in September. When we changed vet practices, he got much better. He has been battling the last of his... Read more
Neurology Update 11-18-2020
Thursday, November 19, 2020      7 comments

Hubby and I went for a follow up appointment with my brain neurologist yesterday. I still get somewhat dizzy at times but those times are more spread out now. The ringing in my ears only happens every once in a while, so that is also improving.... Read more
My friend told me to stop, breathe and....
Thursday, November 12, 2020      10 comments

take a look at how much I have on my plate. Tuesday was a full plate kind of day. I spoke to my counselor and then I ran an errand with hubby. We dropped by to say hello to a very good friend. The guys were talking outside of the car and jus... Read more
Brain Center Test #2
Tuesday, November 10, 2020      6 comments

I went for my last test before I meet with the Brain Fitness Center doctor. I will also go and see my neurologist in the upcoming weeks. The test itself was simple. The psychologist told me to come with clean hair. This told me that the ... Read more
My Next Brain Testing
Friday, November 06, 2020      5 comments

I just went back and read some additional comments by you wonderful sparklers! Believe me when I say that I appreciate all comments, suggestions and support. You all are the best! Monday’s testing will require clean hair. Why? Because t... Read more
Prepping For The Holidays
Friday, November 06, 2020      3 comments

By profession, I learned to be a planner and a list maker. (I’m a retired math teacher.) I decided to take a more organized approach to getting ready for the holidays. I started off by making a list of tasks that I absolutely need to complete i... Read more
The Adventures Of My Thanksgiving Table
Sunday, November 01, 2020      6 comments

Today, I took down most of our Halloween decorations but I still need to change our two garden flags. The new Thanksgiving flags have been selected and are sitting on the edge of the dining room table. I picked out the most colorful flags I co... Read more
Brain Therapy #1
Friday, October 23, 2020      11 comments

Wednesday, I had my first session at the Brain Fitness Center. It was very interesting. The psychologist took in my information, with hubby’s input because he remembers more than I. She asked lots of questions, some of which I could actually ... Read more
Brain Fitness
Monday, October 19, 2020      9 comments

Good news! Finally! Bravo! My brain rehab "Brain Fitness" center called. My first appointment is this week! Yea! My paperwork is now filled out and I will take it with me to my appointment. I'm as ready as I'll ever be! We visited my s... Read more
Saturday, October 17, 2020      9 comments

I’ve been pushing and prodding the staff at the brain rehab center to get my paperwork done so that I can get started on my cognitive therapy. It has been exactly one month since my neurologist sent in copies of my records. Late Thursday, I got... Read more
Weekend Chuckle
Monday, October 05, 2020      11 comments

We usually bathe Zeus (the wonder dog) every weekend. Yesterday, hubby got up and ready fairly early. For some reason I was moving a bit more slowly. So I get in the shower and I yell to hubby asking if I should bathe the big Z. (Zeus). Hubby ... Read more
Keeping Myself Busy
Wednesday, September 30, 2020      8 comments

If there is one thing I've learned from our COVID lockdown experience, it is to keep myself busy. I wish I could exercise outdoors right now but the Florida heat, storms and humidity are still with us. Sometimes, when the evenings are cool enoug... Read more
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Thursday, September 17, 2020      6 comments

The good: I am blessed with good friends and family. I’m basically healthy (for my age). I have all of the creature comforts that I need. God saved me from being crushed in my accident. I have a relationship with God. I have pretty g... Read more
My Craft Project
Sunday, September 13, 2020      12 comments

It took me a while to buy the flowers and prep them for the arrangements but I finished it the other day and we think it looks pretty good! I’m hoping that it will last until the Christmas decorations go up in December. ... Read more

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