dear bob the blog
Wednesday, July 18, 2012      1 comments

i feel so guilty just lately, i am eating at the top of my calorific range i just do`nt feel like cooking healthy stuff i always have a good breakfast, actimel, followed by a bowl of bran flakes with skimmed m... Read more
week 2 a chance encounter
Wednesday, July 18, 2012      2 comments

last week i was so excited to see my friend, i thought i might tell you how we met all those years ago, as you know i was a girl guide for many years and we often visited the local camp site when they had... Read more
dear bob the blog
Monday, July 16, 2012      2 comments

back to normal! friday was a bit overwhelming we traveled down to bath we aririved about 11 am the time we said we would meet our friends we walked for hours, i thought at one time steve was going to have ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Saturday, July 14, 2012      2 comments

another party tonight, phew! i will be glad when this weekend is over and i can get back to normal... Read more
dear bob the blog
Friday, July 13, 2012      0 comments

it has been a very long day will report more tomorrow and to top it all we missed the phone call from the hospital!! that is just typical we never go away all day and the day we do they ring! steve will ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Thursday, July 12, 2012      0 comments

well it is nearly time to see my friends, on more sleep to go, my hair is done my nails will be done tonight then in the morning we will travel down south to meet up so i may not be here tomorrow t... Read more
dear bob the blog
Wednesday, July 11, 2012      1 comments

i have never been this tired in my life i do`nt think either i take the tablets keep the pain at a reasonable and a manageable level and doze most of the day and get very forgetful or i cut... Read more
dear bob the blog
Monday, July 09, 2012      2 comments

well tomorrow is a busy day for me steve`s mum is coming in the morning, then lunch time my hardresser is coming and thursday evening i have a nail appointment ready for friday the the party saturday night why ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Sunday, July 08, 2012      0 comments

well he did`nt win ah well there is only next year, we went to the rep shop as normal and they have the most beautiful iguana in the ultimate lizard to us fanatics they have a pet green one in ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Saturday, July 07, 2012      0 comments

we had a bit of sun for a while today but it did`nt last very long i watched the tennis this afternoon serena williams won as i thought she would tomorrow is the big day for the british but ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Friday, July 06, 2012      4 comments

I am late tonight i am still in shock andy murray has won his semi final that means there will be a brit in the tennis final for the first time in over 70 years ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Thursday, July 05, 2012      0 comments

what a lazy day my pain killers really knocked me out today i was going to do so much , iwas going to bake, clean the cages out and clean the kitchen in stead all i did was feed the zoo this morning ... Read more
dear bob the blog
Wednesday, July 04, 2012      4 comments

i am looking forward to seeing my friend even more now we were talking on face book last night and not only is she coming to england her family is coming too her parents and sister who i have`not seen since... Read more
week one, rocket team blog progress/// goals
Wednesday, July 04, 2012      6 comments

i think i should just forget June, i thought i could cut down on all the pills i am taking for the pain relief but it did`nt work out very good i had a lot of pain so that meant i did`nt spend time cookin... Read more
dear bob the blog
Tuesday, July 03, 2012      5 comments

i am suffering a bit today i had a bath last night and i hurt my shoulders when steve lifted me out so i am taking it easy this morning before i bake this afternoon steves mum came this morning for a coffe... Read more

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