December Goals...
Sunday, November 29, 2009      15 comments

There are only 32 days left until January 1. I had set a goal to be 244 by Jan 1. I was 262 this morning. I know it would be almost impossible for me to lose 18lbs in 32 days. It sure would be nice to lose 10lbs though. I am a little disappointe... Read more
Oh yeah, baby!! I am back!!
Saturday, November 14, 2009      16 comments

I posted my blog on Tuesday. I was super depressed. I was struggling. Hell, I have been struggling for awhile. And I read the replies and I re-read my blog like 20 times. And you know what?? Something clicked. My fire was lit. My goodness, had I... Read more
What is it going to take?
Tuesday, November 10, 2009      14 comments

I watch the Biggest Loser every week. Most weeks I cry. And this is for a few seasons now. I watch and cry because I see me in all of them. Watching Shay get voted off tonight made me so sad. I listened to her and knew that the way she felt was ... Read more
All went well today
Friday, November 06, 2009      13 comments

I wanted to come by and let everyone know that my D&C went well today. I am still sore and I cant really carry the baby around cause it makes me bleed more and hurt some, but hopefully tomorrow it will be much easier. The Dr said that everything... Read more
Friday is the big day
Wednesday, November 04, 2009      13 comments

Well Friday is approaching quickly. I will be having my D&C that day. The dr is going to scrape me clean and start me over lol. And he is going to take some tissue to be tested to see what is going on with me. The bloodwork is all normal, the st... Read more
My update
Sunday, October 18, 2009      8 comments

Well, ladies, I think I finally hopped back on track. I weighed in yesterday at 264! Thank God!!! So this is it. I am back in! I went to the dr on Thursday. He is giving me a couple treatments. The first is 4 birth control pills a day for ... Read more
Not sure how to get back on my feet.
Tuesday, October 13, 2009      23 comments

It has been a miserable two weeks. I have had much more interaction with my ex-husband than I would want in a whole year. I have seen very little of my husband. I am working and taking care of the kids. I am depressed. I keep feeling sick. I am ... Read more
Weekend from hell...the ex, the ER and way too much food!
Sunday, October 04, 2009      19 comments

I have had the weekend from hell. I have eaten bad all weekend too. The only good thing about this weekend is that i exercised a lot more than normal. Yesterday, Athen was off but we seemed to bump heads all day. Plus I had to deal with my stupi... Read more
I reached a mini goal!!!!!
Sunday, September 27, 2009      26 comments

I weighed in this morning and I was at 266!! That means I have reached my first mini goal AND I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight from Avery. Next mini goal is 244 which will be my pre-pregnancy weight from Erica! ... Read more
Day 12...the chinese buffet
Saturday, September 26, 2009      12 comments

So I faced my weakness tonight. I went to the chinese buffet with my whole family, except Athen cause he was working. I told him my game plan last night and he seemed to think that I was fooling myself by thinking I could go there this soon into... Read more
Day 9 and 5lbs GONE and DONE!
Wednesday, September 23, 2009      17 comments

I am so excited to say I lost 5lbs in the last 9 days! I have been tracking my ass off and exercising more. I am so proud of myself and wanted to share my excitement with everyone. And best of all I am 1lb away from my first mini goal. I was 266... Read more
Day 6...a little harder
Sunday, September 20, 2009      10 comments

I was only under my calories by 1 today. In range at least, but still... I woke up feeling good today. I weighed myself and I am at a loss of 4lbs since starting this 6 days ago. Puts me at 268. But something was different today. I was crav... Read more
Day 4, feeling good
Friday, September 18, 2009      5 comments

Ok, so this whole low calorie deal is pretty easy when you really get into it. Here I have struggled just with the THINKING part of the whole diet/WOE. And truthfully I could have done this all along without much headache. I have discovered a fe... Read more
Day 3 and on track
Thursday, September 17, 2009      14 comments

I did well again today. I walked for 35 minutes and I ate around 1500 calories. I am tracking what I eat very carefully to make sure I don't miss anything. I am thinking I need to switch to 4 meals instead of 3 though. I am hungry around 3 each ... Read more
17 days of no blogging??
Thursday, September 17, 2009      10 comments

Well, I dont know what to say about this except that I became lazy in my blogging. I guess truth of the matter is that I have been depressed. I have been struggling to get on track. I have been eating too much and not exercising. I was sick for ... Read more

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