A little loss
Sunday, January 25, 2015      5 comments

I've lost a pound this week and my eating wasn't perfect, but I managed exercise 6 days so I'm happy. I hope to keep it up, I lost consistency in the last couple of years. ... Read more
I'm back
Wednesday, December 31, 2014      7 comments

Yes, the pain of weight-gain got worse than the pain of dieting, so here I am again. My father sent me an email today and he lost 4kg in the last few months at 87. It filled me with despair thinking of myself at that age still worrying about wei... Read more
Nearly one month
Friday, July 26, 2013      8 comments

Very close to one month in the sweet tooth challenge. It hasn't been excruciating but I miss the fruit. I'm not comfortable with the fact that I'm eating more, but at the same time I haven't put on or lost weight for the 2nd week in a row and it... Read more
3rd week without sugar
Sunday, July 21, 2013      7 comments

Very happy about it. This week I didn't lose or gain and that's fine. I formed an accountability group with people that are not from Sparkpeople. I never managed anyone that wanted to join here. This is through a sugar addiction forum. We... Read more
Lost some
Thursday, July 11, 2013      7 comments

I lost 600gr this week, and very happy. I made an effort to eat less and it was difficult considering that it's only been 12 days without sugar and I still feel withdrawal symptoms. It's been an exhausting week with end of financial year and ... Read more
No loss, no gain
Friday, July 05, 2013      6 comments

This week I weighed the same in spite of the fact that I ate a lot more due to sugar cravings, 6 days off sugar now and very pleased about it. Just a little edgy and irritable, but i know due to previous experience, that it takes a couple of w... Read more
Anyone for quitting sugar?
Saturday, June 29, 2013      6 comments

To those who know me, this won't be news, after quitting sugar 3 years ago and maintaining it for more than a year, the sugar started creeping up until this week when it's made me sufficiently unhappy to make the decision to quit again. I starte... Read more
Walking on eggs
Saturday, June 22, 2013      6 comments

Went away to Canberra and came back and my tracking went off. I put on half a kg that week and then lost 300gr. I desperately want to continue tracking and losing weight I'm only a bit over 2 kg away from reaching my mini goal. Started tracki... Read more
Feeling better this week
Friday, June 07, 2013      8 comments

Feeling more recovered although still with cough and neuropathic pain. I had a loss of 400gr and that means that I'm 2.1 kg away from my goal of loosing 5 kg. Very happy. I'm going away for a couple of days, so my goal this week is at least... Read more
Slacked off this week
Sunday, May 26, 2013      7 comments

Have been sick with a powerful throat infection and shingles pain in the LHS of my body, so I couldn't do any exercise and ate in an untidy way, whatever was in the freezer pre made by me. No gain no loss and I'm thankful for that, I feel hug... Read more
A big loss
Friday, May 17, 2013      7 comments

This week I didn't feel I was as careful as last week, nevertheless the scales said that I lost one kg or 2.2lb. I won't argue and will take whatever loss I achieve. I've taken to wearing my tight jeans so I'm reminded that I want to feel comfor... Read more
A small loss
Thursday, May 09, 2013      7 comments

I expected more this week but i only lost 300grs. A loss is a loss, so I will gladly accept that and keep going. Have lost around 2 kg since I started. I hope to be able to continue to my goal of weighing 75kg for mid winter. Life is good. ... Read more
3rd week: setback
Thursday, May 02, 2013      6 comments

So i put on 0.5kg this week, too many birthday celebrations and a bit less exercise due to back pain. I will endeavour to have a better week being more careful with calories. I started an 8 week course on mindfulness and hope it will help m... Read more
My second week
Friday, April 26, 2013      9 comments

This week I lost 500gr o 1.1lb, and I'm happy about it, I ate a bit more and didn't do as much exercise, but as long as I loose I'm happy. Still aiming to reach my goal of 75kg by July. Tomorrow I'm turnig 60 and I'm very happy that I will f... Read more
Thursday, April 18, 2013      7 comments

After a long long time I saw a bit of weight loss today:1.2kg or 2.64lb. Very happy about it, will continue to try and reach my goal of 75kg by July. Life is good.... Read more

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