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2014 = The Year of NO Resolutions!
Thursday, January 02, 2014      19 comments

Well, yes I AM alive. Thank you to everyone that has left me goodies, emails, notes, comments.. you guys are awesome. I am doing SO much better and AM alive, yes! I got c... Read more
Is This Thing On? *tap* Oh HIIIIIII :)
Wednesday, March 20, 2013      20 comments

Well, hi SparkLoves! I have been off and on and more off since the end of last year.. and for that I would love to apologize, but I simply cannot. I have published two novels, had some bad times but even more FANTASTIC times, learned a lot, and ... Read more
Coach Nicole's Total Body Sculpting DVD Review!
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      10 comments

OMG Everything hurtssssssss! (That's what I was saying the day after I first did this DVD.. lol). I did each section of the DVD on my first time through. That was a POWER... Read more
Happy 2013! *SQUEE*
Tuesday, January 01, 2013      16 comments

So... I just wanted to share two images that I made with you guys. #1 is my Project Happy Place photo.. I'm doing this and invite you to join me. Doesn't have to be... Read more
Reflection And Planning Ahead for 2013 :)
Sunday, December 23, 2012      28 comments

THIS is my New Year's project! Starting January 1st, every awesome thing that makes me go "WooHoo" will be written down and placed into the jar, so.. NEXT New Years Eve, I ca... Read more
100 Pounds Lost Vlog/Story/Ramblings.. :)
Friday, October 12, 2012      21 comments

So..... a few people asked me why I started and what I do and to tell them more about how I do things, so... this is what happened. LOL 25 minutes of BLAH BLAH BLAH from a non-expert, but... still.. if you are curious and have nearly half an hou... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts 100 Pounds DONE :) Let's celebrate! WOOT!!!!!!
Monday, October 08, 2012      367 comments

Well, I thought I would share with you amazingly beautiful Spark Family members of mine that I am OFFICIALLY DONE with 100 pounds! YAYYYYYYY! Took me a while, but hey... th... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Totally Impossible/Crazy/Weird/Freaky FUTURE :))
Wednesday, September 19, 2012      211 comments

Sooooooooo, my RHH Challenge chicks (aka the sexy posse :p haha) got a HIIT mini-challenge from me this week (because HIIT is awesome!!!), but also, at the end, I asked them this: I want you to think about something (fitness related) that seem... Read more
Remixxxxxxxxxx! Freestyle Dance Party! Woot!!! :))
Monday, September 17, 2012      11 comments

My kiddo and I had a mini-dance party as our warm up on Labor Day before we did Insanity, so.. we video taped it... and I am sharing. :)) We had a CD in our car that we were really enjoying (lots of songs from some dance movies we like) so.. ye... Read more
I Am a Super Hero! (duh!) =)
Saturday, September 01, 2012      43 comments

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Super Hero?... Cause... I know I am one. I mean, just by the sheer awesomeness of changing my life day by day... I feel more and mor... Read more
Color Me Rad 5k ~ Pittsburgh! Woot!! =)
Saturday, August 25, 2012      42 comments

YAY!!! The Color Me Rad 5k was today in Pittsburgh and... even though I haven't had lots of sleep lately and really, today was the last day for God-knows-how-long that ... Read more
Find Your Fun!! (Positive Reinforcement!) =)
Sunday, August 19, 2012      25 comments

You know when you were a kid... and any time could be turned into something fun? You used your imagination and the couches were mountains and the living room floor was lava? Or your bedroom was a castle or a fort that saved you from evil? Or you... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts It's REALLY Ok To Say NO!!! :)
Tuesday, August 14, 2012      58 comments

Recently, it's come to my attention that I matter, too. I know, what a shocker! I've begun to put myself (which includes my health) first... who knew that was even possibl... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm WHAT Size? Mini-Fashion Show! :)
Tuesday, August 07, 2012      149 comments

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I knew the only people in the world that would truly understand my over-excitement right now would be my besties and you, my lovely Spark Family, so... here I am to say YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for today! ... Read more
Rainbow & Reasons For My Journey (RHHC Mini) :)
Friday, July 27, 2012      34 comments

I loveeeeeeeeee rainbowsssssssssssss! emoticon *cough* Oh.. umm.. maybe I should focus so I can write this.. lol... Read more

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