Woah there, Bessie!
Tuesday, January 12, 2016      4 comments

So I've just started tracking my food again. I've had this struggle for the last year or so. I finished my PhD and immediately starting thinking that I 'should' turn my focus back to my health. It has just seemed too big and overwhelming an... Read more
Obliteration and reintegration
Sunday, January 10, 2016      3 comments

I am back. In the time I've been away my life has changed so much. I finished my PhD. I submitted just over a year ago. I had to change my topic very late in the day, which means I did the entire PhD in 16 months. That kind of workload is p... Read more
Sowing, not reaping.
Wednesday, January 02, 2013      5 comments

I've been away. Well, not really away. I've only been away from SparkPeople. Here in reality , I've been stuck here in my fat world. I feel ashamed and stupid. How could I have put on 20kg? I was slim, fit, running 20 and 40 kms..... A... Read more
ANZAC Day 2012
Tuesday, April 24, 2012      3 comments

This was written about Pommie boys, but it always strikes a chord on ANZAC Day. For the Fallen With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit o... Read more
March floods around Canberra and the ACT
Sunday, March 04, 2012      6 comments

Haven't been out running. It's been wet. Damn wet. Check out some pix:
s/5714708973984187697?banner=pwa ... Read more
Heart troubles giving me the jimmy britts.
Friday, February 17, 2012      14 comments

My heart is bradycardic, which means it beats less than 60 beats per minute. This is hardly surprising, as most fit people fall into this category, don't have any symptoms (or occasional symptoms only) and it's not a problem. However, latel... Read more
I eat less than my 4 year old
Sunday, February 12, 2012      10 comments

It's true. And she doesn't overeat. I eat less than my 6 year old, too. Waaaay less! Neither of them is overweight. They both eat good, healthful food. And plenty of it. They both weigh about 22kg. I weigh 88kg. Even when I'm healthy ... Read more
Healthy Diet Habit #3 - Exercise consistently
Saturday, February 04, 2012      8 comments

Too easy. Job done.... Read more
Wednesday, February 01, 2012      13 comments

Thanks to all you lovely people. PS: that's me blowing you a kiss PPS: I'm wearing my new sunnies that are a reward for my awesome January. Did I mention how coo... Read more
January: result!
Monday, January 30, 2012      9 comments

I've eaten no added sugar. I've exercised at least 10 minutes every day. I've run three times a week, increasing my distance up to 5K. I've lost 5.5kg (12.1lb). I've saved $20 towards my 'final reward'. I'm aware this is... Read more
Week four review: Healthy Lifestyle Scale Challenge
Saturday, January 28, 2012      5 comments

For January I set myself the goal of achieving 20 or over on the SP Healthy Lifestyle Scale. I've been a bit up and down, but I do believe that at the moment I am averaging about 20. So I'm just scraping in there. As usual, my biggest chall... Read more
Healthy Diet Habit #2: Eat the right stuff
Saturday, January 28, 2012      2 comments

This one's easy for me. I found last week's effort to be more mindful difficult. As I knew it would. The measuring of every bite wasn't too bad, as I've been doing that anyway, but mindfulness is always a problem for me. Given that eat... Read more
Cravings appear to have been vanquished
Thursday, January 26, 2012      8 comments

Sorry if it's a little bit TMI, but I started mentruating yesterday. Normally this would have been accompanied by viscious cravings for high-energy foods. However, after eating sugar-free for a few weeks, I didn't have any cravings at all. ... Read more
Australia Day and The Great Pavlova Mystery
Wednesday, January 25, 2012      7 comments

It's Australia Day here in Oz. There's a dish called Pavlova that is massive here in Australia. I have no idea whether anyone else in the world eats it, but it's divine. Well, I know New Zealanders do, because they try to claim this lovely ... Read more
Scales are the spawn of satan
Saturday, January 21, 2012      4 comments

Two blogs in day! Goodness me, I'm getting loquacious. Anyhoo. I decided, upon restarting on my Spark journey, that I was not going to weigh myself more frequently than monthly. This is because my body is a stubborn &^*% and won't lose weig... Read more

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