Singing the blues
Sunday, June 30, 2013      14 comments

I realized that in the last few weeks I've been depressed. It happens sometimes, I do suffer from chronic depression. I don't always notice when it comes on. Maybe it's been all the work and home stress, the financial and traveling stress...and ... Read more
All the stuff in between
Sunday, June 23, 2013      11 comments

Sometimes life is just all the stuff in between. In between paydays, or vacations, or weekends. The day in and day out parts that become such a blur after a while you sort of forget them. It's not easy trying to 'stop and smell the roses'. ... Read more
Post wedding update
Wednesday, June 12, 2013      23 comments

So many have asked about the wedding. Honestly- it's hard to write about. Yes, my dear son #1 got married to his sweetheart. They are married- off on a honeymoon- and in love. I suppose, in the end, it's all that mattered. Just about everyt... Read more
We know they're not people
Wednesday, June 05, 2013      21 comments

(taken from my personal blog) Our pets. Sometimes, though, I think they may be better than people- or at least have all the best qualities we wish we could so easily display ourselves. We moved into our home in 1997 and the boys were a... Read more
Slip sliding away
Monday, June 03, 2013      11 comments

How easy it is to get off track! Probably because my path is tenuous and 'new', it's easy for me to turn around to the well worn path I know so well. This one i... Read more
Self Sabotage
Wednesday, May 29, 2013      16 comments

I have had my ups and downs since joining SP. This has been the longest I have stuck with anything since I went on my first diet (age 13). I've been on probably hundreds of diets since then. I always seemed to be starting (and stopping) one. ... Read more
Sunday update- home for a while
Monday, May 20, 2013      6 comments

"All great achievements require time." - Maya Angelou We had a gloomy weekend here- with the threat of snow (it just rained) and a shooting in town. We're a small town so that is a big deal and it filled up facebook for awhile. I spent... Read more
And then she ate a house
Sunday, May 12, 2013      13 comments

I will be honest, since mid-week my food has not been good! I've tried logging but it's just not pretty. I do not know what happened particularly- just tired maybe but every choice I make lately is a poor one. We had to do an 800 mile trip ... Read more
Time is never wasted
Wednesday, May 08, 2013      10 comments

Every day is a gift. I have not always looked at life that way as I am, by nature, a worrier. But I am learning that it's okay for me to still be learning, falling and getting back up again. Something came up recently and it made me re... Read more
Back from Ireland
Thursday, May 02, 2013      16 comments

I missed a month of Sundays. To be honest, I was gone most of April. I was traveling for work and honestly was too busy to do much of any posting, and then I was frantically trying to get ready for my big trip away to Ireland. (This will be lo... Read more
Sunday Check in Post New Orleans
Sunday, March 31, 2013      6 comments

Returned Thursday night from my New Orleans trip. I did try to eat healthy while gone- but not enough so. Between lack of fluid and eating out I was up 3 pounds. Ugh- it takes me so long to lose it again! But I am back tracking and will drink my... Read more
A two-fer: Missed a Sunday- and an early one.
Thursday, March 21, 2013      10 comments

This is me lately. I am not a very happy camper. Life has been difficult for the past couple years- stressful- and this week it sort of all dumped quickly- and I am j... Read more
(Early) Sunday blog check in
Saturday, March 09, 2013      11 comments

I posted this to my spark team today and realized...it was a blog. And I needed to say this out loud and I decided I needed to remember I said it out loud, so I am posting here so I can find it later. I have been trigger food free for ... Read more
Sunday update-hope
Sunday, March 03, 2013      8 comments

I am not feeling great after a busy weekend. I spent Friday at home working on a grant that has been dogging me. I worked today, too, to get the first draft done. But it was either something I ate or just something I caught- and I'm feeling p... Read more
Sunday update-trying
Sunday, February 24, 2013      10 comments

My husband took this of the creek/reservoir not long past. We had quite a snowstorm but it wasn't as big as they predicted, and today the sun is out and it's lovely. I alw... Read more

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