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So, You Thought No One Is Watching?
Saturday, March 01, 2008      4 comments

Towards the end of our vacation at Disneyland, my oldest son, Kirby, tells me "mom, I'm going to do everything you are doing." Kirby is 16; turning 17 March 22. He's a big boy that serves him well when he plays defensive side for his high school... Read more
Back In The Saddle
Friday, February 15, 2008      2 comments

I got back into SPIN today! WOW! It felt sooooooo great. Being sick kept me away for a couple of weeks. I coughed my way through it, but not too badly. I love spin and really love the momentum to music. I could have gone for a second hour. Befor... Read more
when I'm sick...
Saturday, February 09, 2008      2 comments

I think I'm going stir crazy. I've been sick for about a week and seems it got a bit worse. My energy is zapped. I am really missing seeing the weight loss on my ticker! I miss going to the gym and really miss my spin classes. For me, I've notic... Read more
Continuing the Walk...My Accomplishments
Thursday, January 24, 2008      2 comments

It's been almost a month since I re structured and really got serious with me. I'm thrilled. What have I done for me? I've re-chosen my work schedule to give more time for me and my children. I've retrained my family in that I will make t... Read more
1/2/08 my first weigh in
Tuesday, January 01, 2008      2 comments

so, tomorrow is my big day of weigh in; which I'm fearful of. I've been integrating my new mind set for this past week and taking action... I've kept my word to myself with food choices and exercises. So why the fear? In the past, I've not done ... Read more
Finding Ways To Be Active
Sunday, December 30, 2007      1 comments

I'm proud of myself today. It's been a few days on the program and I'm making great choices for myself. Last night I lead the family to do ice skating at a beautiful, outdoor rink in San Francisco. This is part of my intention to get myself more... Read more

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