Everything's Okay
Tuesday, May 04, 2010      2 comments

Sorry to frighten you with my last blog but I did get several letters from people who had gone through the same thing and came out on the other side. I'm going to a dentist today to get work started. My emotions are still a problem but I call... Read more
Help! I am going down into the pit of depression
Friday, April 30, 2010      5 comments

I broke my partial upper plate. I have a front tooth missing. I refuse to leave the house unless it's to see a dentist. I got 3 estimates on replacing front tooth but my husband ignored me. I was in pain with ill fitted partial but an implan... Read more
I Gained 5 pounds since my surgery
Thursday, April 29, 2010      1 comments

I haven't been able to input my food and I cheated. I have just bought new clothes in 1x. I am not happy. And it feels like the depression is coming back. I order things on line and we have had to send 3 packages back. I don't recommend Ro... Read more
Monday, April 26, 2010      2 comments

Sunday, April 25, 2010      1 comments

emoticon ... Read more
My poor hand
Thursday, April 22, 2010      3 comments

I had no idea it was this painful. emoticon ... Read more
had right hand surgery
Monday, April 12, 2010      4 comments

it will be awhile before I can post or blog but I'm being good. emoticon... Read more
I am a vegartarian now.
Sunday, April 11, 2010      0 comments

I'm losing weight very quickly without exercise which is common users of the lapband. I do exercise but I took a break because I hurt my back and my husband went to Florida on business/family trip. He walks with me because if I fell I couldn't... Read more
I am so tired.
Saturday, April 10, 2010      2 comments

I don't know what's causing it. I just want to sleep. This be my second nap. How can I lose weight that way? ... Read more
I Lost Again
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      2 comments

I couldn't believe the scale. Okay I didn't throw it out. The pack rat in me wouldn't let me. When I stepped on the scale, it was less than 250!... Read more
The plateau is broken!!!
Thursday, April 01, 2010      4 comments

I have waited somewhat impatiently for the scale to move. I'm using a different scale but it was the same as the other. Now it has dropped by 3 pounds in a couple days without any special effort on my part. Of course, I have been working th... Read more
Why aren't I losing weight?
Sunday, March 28, 2010      4 comments

I have lost my motivation. Why? Because I am down to the weight that was "normal" for me for 10 years. I cheat on counting my calories. I eat as much as my lapband will allow . My clothes now fit except some that were too big and had to be ... Read more
Be careful of high fructose corn syrup
Friday, March 26, 2010      0 comments

Check labels! High fructose corn is worse than sugar.
?v=fi6fK1PvQK4... Read more
Why are our children getting fat?
Thursday, March 25, 2010      1 comments

Lack of exercise, too much TV, computer, or video games. Improper diet when they are out of our sight. All of the above. I recently learned that substituting high fructose corn syrup (much cheaper for manufactures) added more weight than su... Read more
I am going to get my new trophy!
Wednesday, March 24, 2010      3 comments

I only had 1 point left to get and this will do it. I'm feeling great. Bipolar under control. I went back to my long distance walking. My blood sugar is under control. I'm wearing my back brace and MY SPARK PEOPLE.COM tee shirt. ... Read more

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