200,000-249,999 SparkPoints 212,186


Saturday, February 09, 2019      1 comments

Starting to stress out about an exhibit I am putting together at the community center starting March 1. I've been "planning" this for months but still haven't really finalized a lot of things and now I have to start promoting it. On top of that ... Read more
Looking back, forward and a shameless plug
Thursday, December 13, 2018      6 comments

As 2018 winds down I've got a little time to reflect on an up and down year. In my last blog I described how badly I had let my fitness habits slip toward the end of last year. In a way, the lowlight of my health and fitness coincided with a hig... Read more
Autumn Ramblings
Sunday, September 23, 2018      2 comments

This may be a long blog but I’ve got over a year’s worth of thoughts to organize. I sure wish I understood how the mind works. September of last year was the last time I ran a timed 5K. I managed to win my age group but I realized I was let... Read more
All Green Bars
Saturday, February 11, 2017      5 comments

After reaching my 10K step goal for today my FitBit dashboard shows all green bars indicating 28+ days of reaching my goal (I'm actually at 31 consecutive days). It feels great to get some consistency back in my fitness routine. I'm also slowly ... Read more
131 days
Friday, January 13, 2017      2 comments

131 days. About 4 months. That is how long it has been since I updated my status. A lot has changed in those four months. Almost all of it good - some of it very good - but one negative gnaws at me - I not only lost site of my fitness goals but ... Read more
Where have I been and where am I going?
Monday, September 07, 2015      2 comments

Just noticed my last blog was almost a year and a half ago and I haven’t been active in many of my usual Spark hang outs during much of that time. In that time I have still been checking in and keeping track of things but just not participating.... Read more
100K Points - now what?
Saturday, March 22, 2014      3 comments

OK, I reached 100K points and level 20. Either I've been here too long or I need a life :-). I noticed there is no "X points to next level" note anymore. Now what? Feels a lot like reaching my goal weight and fitness level. I asked myself th... Read more
That doesn't happen very often
Wednesday, February 26, 2014      6 comments

A nice unscheduled workout. Today was packed with 2 classes, several meetings, a seminar and a workshop so I was jut hoping to be able to get to the fitness center before heading home. Instead, we had a gas leak so they evacuated the ent... Read more
Sleep is important
Saturday, February 22, 2014      4 comments

The past 10 days or so have been a bit hectic with multiple deadlines, long meetings, writing and grading exams, preparing a couple talks and a belated report I still haven't written. I also had a couple of days I didn't get to the gym or at le... Read more
Strange day at the fitness center
Tuesday, January 28, 2014      5 comments

I usually don't blog twice in a week but today was such a bazaar day I just had to write about it. Late getting to work and meetings all morning and classes the rest of the day so didn't get to the gym until after six. Got in a good 50 min... Read more
54 + 1 and thoughts on goals
Sunday, January 26, 2014      3 comments

Today was my annual birthday challenge - 54 laps around the indoor track to celebrate 54 years. I added one extra lap to make it an even five miles. Felt great and I added some strength training on top of it. But that’s not the whole purpose o... Read more
4 out of 6!
Wednesday, January 22, 2014      4 comments

I've been trying to blog on Mondays but I'm running a little behind this week and not much to say. However, today I'll throw out a quick Woo Hoo blog. Ran 5 miles this morning which was a good start to the day but that's nto my Woo Hoo moment.... Read more
Getting organized and better prepared?
Monday, January 13, 2014      2 comments

My top goal for 2014 is doing a better job of getting organized and prepared for my classes. We're almost two weeks into the New Year and one week from the start of the semester. So how is it going so far? I am so used to teaching by the seat... Read more
Really? Five years?!?
Monday, January 06, 2014      5 comments

Today is my 5 year Sparkiversary. Hard to believe I've been using SP for 5 years now ... and I am still learning. It's a little embarrassing to have my Sparkiversary right after New Year's because it looks like it started as a part of a resolu... Read more
Goals for 2014
Tuesday, December 31, 2013      4 comments

I already posted these in a discussion in one of my Sparkgroups but I might as well put them out there for a broader audience. I'm not big on New Year resolutions but I don't think of setting goals in quite the same vein. I equate New Year res... Read more

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