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Monday, December 19, 2011      3 comments

Yeah Me! Okay so when it comes to the game show, Jeopardy, I'm happy if I can get at least 1 or 2 clues but this evening one of the categories was Exercise & Fitness and I got all but 1. WooHoo! I know...silly but hey these were things I le... Read more
A Thanksgiving First and A Hat Second...
Thursday, November 24, 2011      2 comments

I had tentative plans to get in on an early morning shopping trip to catch some deals but when the alarm sounded around 4:45 am, I wasn't even ready to get up. No snooze button for me I just went back to sleep. I woke up again after 8 am and was... Read more
My First Hat
Wednesday, November 23, 2011      5 comments

I found a really good tutorial on YouTube for knitting a hat using a circular knitting loom. So last night I purchased my kit and viola, I made a new hat! I plan to make a matching scarf and eventually gloves, Lord's Willing. ... Read more
How I Save Money
Monday, November 21, 2011      4 comments

I enjoyed a day off work today and I remembered that my local Goodwill Stores were featuring a 50 cent tag sale. I never got in on one of those sales. Actually I didn't think much of them until today. I decided to call and inquire about the sale... Read more
My Apple Chips
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      3 comments

Good...they turned out really crunchy again. Bad...I used green apples vs. red. They were advertised as sweet but they are not. I'll still eat my apple chips but wow are they tart. ... Read more
...but I like the uncooked way.
Tuesday, November 15, 2011      1 comments

Sometime ago I discovered an oatmeal that I actually liked. I'm a texture eater so I never liked the mushiness of oatmeal and therefore didn't like to eat it. When I discovered Kashi Truly Vanilla Oatmeal I was happy there was an oatmeal out the... Read more
Hey Hallelul What's New?!
Monday, November 14, 2011      2 comments

Now that we are in the autumn season and soon to be winter it's a good time to get back on track with some goals. Water, Exercise, Sugar, Sleep 1. Water - There was a time when I wouldn't end my day without drinking my daily requireme... Read more
Bonnie and Edamame
Wednesday, November 09, 2011      3 comments

When I first started watching this season's Biggest Loser I didn't really care for contestant Bonnie. Now I'm the opposite. I'll be in front of the TV hollering out loud in happiness for her. I get so tickled at how she relates to Dolvett. Hey a... Read more
What a Blessing
Sunday, November 06, 2011      3 comments

We had an awesome service at church today. Three people were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth today! Hallelujah and one is going to be a Sunday School student of mine. Praise ye the Lord. I'm still rejoicing.... Read more
A Blog of Sorts, Pictures and Weird Craving Experience
Wednesday, October 19, 2011      4 comments

Autumn is here and so is the cold and rain. I was thinking just a few little months ago we were dealing with record heat waves and now comes the cold. Amazing. Even though the sun couldn't shine through the dark clouds a colleague brought us som... Read more
The Real Culprit - I Knew It
Monday, October 17, 2011      1 comments

Remember yesterday when I blogged about the sugar craving? If not, read yesterday's blog. LOL. The true culprit was the familiar one that I've blogged about so many times. Aarggh. Bubble Gum. Oh if I would have never known about the stuff. ... Read more
How Are You Doing?
Sunday, October 16, 2011      3 comments

I'm doing pretty good today. Today marked the 5th day of my 30 day no white/brown sugar challenge and that includes the gum and candy too. Up until today the cravings were either low key or just not even there. But TODAY I WANTED SUGAR!!!!... Read more
Lunchtime Picture
Saturday, October 15, 2011      7 comments

I had a quick breakfast after my workout this morning and then did some shopping to prepare for my week of healthier snacks. I got back home and was hungry. This little lunch meal hit the spot. Grapes...my new candy. Day 4/30! WooHoo! ... Read more
I like this no white/brown sugar challenge
Friday, October 14, 2011      2 comments

I almost bought something I shouldn't have but this challenge is making me more aware of 'sugary' foods that Praise God, I didn't give in. I was at the grocery store and I wanted to purchase Cheerios, well they weren't on sale. The sweeten varie... Read more
My new sweeties...
Thursday, October 13, 2011      1 comments

... Read more

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