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Marvelous Monday
Monday, December 09, 2019      3 comments

Hey hey hey...at first I typed Moody and then I was like...backspace backspace backspace....sometimes you have to change your thoughts and backspace a few times..for some positive self talk. I hung out this weekend with friends and Friday-Sunda... Read more
Waist Beads Dont Lie
Thursday, December 05, 2019      3 comments

Years ago I learned of the African tradition of women wearing waist beads for femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being or to show their weight based on the size of the bead strand. The colors of the beads have many meanings a... Read more
December Daily wooooo hoooo
Monday, December 02, 2019      4 comments

A few of my crafty friends and I are doing a December Daily and I have decided to take a picture a day to document each day. I am also happy to report that I ate a little of what ever I wanted for Thanksgiving and I still lost 2.5 lbs...wooo ho... Read more
Im Going Down.....
Tuesday, November 26, 2019      4 comments

-3 lbs this week...woooo hoooo. Im trying to do this keto thang...and its hard. On the days I dont do so well I make sure that I dont have or limit anything starchy or made with white flour...I see my family members doing so well on Keto and I... Read more
Smaller Drawls...LOL
Thursday, November 21, 2019      3 comments

Yep....yesterday while getting weighed in for a challenge at work the nurse said wow you have a defined waist.....I said thanks but then I thought about it and today I tried some brand new smaller size drawls (underwear) and they fit comfortably... Read more
Here I Go Again
Monday, November 18, 2019      5 comments

Last week I got word that we loss my 27 year old cousin..no foul play and no known reason...so it was a wake up call for me..so my cousins and I made a pack to eat healthier. I met my sister for a keto friendly lunch and I picked up a rotisseri... Read more
Thursday, April 25, 2019      2 comments

Its been a minute...I have had several months of craziness after I injured my back. In July I couldnt stand or sit and now im taking walks...slow and steady...im getting back to me!... Read more
New beginnings
Sunday, July 15, 2018      3 comments

Today I start the Slim+ challenge & the Oxygen 4 weight loss challenge with #teamjen ... Read more
Wow day 11
Wednesday, July 11, 2018      0 comments

Hi World...guess Im missing a few updates...Life is good...but I was late for work and left my lunch....but I have fruit with me at work...so I wont blew it...make it a great day...I will despite these dreaded 3 hr meetings...oh my!... Read more
Back on Track
Saturday, July 07, 2018      6 comments

Holiday's int he middle of the week should be illegal...lol Well im back on track and happy to report a 3-4 lb weight loss this week. Im curious if I can get cardio points for the 10 minutes it took for me to get into my workout gear...th... Read more
Say it Aint So _ Day 3
Tuesday, July 03, 2018      5 comments

So yesterday I recorded all of my food and didnt eat all of my calories, took a walk in 100 degree heat, drank more water and gained 2 lbs...WTW.... IM disappointed but Im not going to let that derail me...Im in it to win it...... Read more
July 2nd
Monday, July 02, 2018      2 comments

WOW....what a whirlwind trip to celebrate my Great Cousins 100th birthday...I drank plenty of extra water and I took longer walks and I still managed to gain 2 lbs...talk about a reality check when I weighed myself this morning...Time to rise an... Read more
Pre Day 4 - Count Down to Actual Start
Thursday, June 28, 2018      4 comments

I made to work..and Im planning a big ride this weekend..I just hope the weather and my knees cooperate. I did great with my planning yesterday and today I vow to take a few more steps.... Read more
Pre Day 3 - Count Down to Actual Start
Wednesday, June 27, 2018      2 comments

I am participating in a summer weigh less challenge and the goal is to lose 5% in 5 weeks. Im on the 2018 Summer Casual Travelers team... Hey hey hey team mates....had a late night last night and forgot my lunch at home...so Im going to have to... Read more
Day 2
Tuesday, June 26, 2018      1 comments

Yesterday is history....Im ready for todays mystery. I re-synced all of my devices and tonight I will add some fresh batteries in my scale so I know where my base line is and do my measurements. Yesterday I made a conscious effort to take a wa... Read more

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