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Mama's got a rolling stone, again!
Thursday, December 14, 2017      5 comments

I thought I was going to have to resign from the "Old Stoners Club" when they got my 9 millimeter kidney stone out by surgery, but alas, I went to the Emergency Room at the VA hospital today and I have a 2-3 mm stone within the left ureter and a... Read more
I think all of my bills will be paid.
Wednesday, December 13, 2017      7 comments

Jessica, from the VA called a little while ago about a $400 bill. It was being billed to a Veterans' Choice program which I know nothing about. She talked to the woman that does the billing for Diagnostic Imaging Services and told her how to c... Read more
I will find out tomorrow about my bill from the VA.
Tuesday, December 12, 2017      3 comments

I sent the VA a secure message yesterday and today I got a message back with a number to call about a bill that has remained unpaid since September 12. I called and the number would ring and ring and sometimes disconnect because the phone rang ... Read more
Turning my depression into positive energy.
Monday, December 11, 2017      7 comments

I have been getting bills for my trips to the hospital. Today, I had intended to go to the hospital and talk to someone. I ended up calling people instead. My phone would go dead in the middle of a conversation, so I left a voice mail for the... Read more
My new coat went back to Walmart
Wednesday, December 06, 2017      8 comments

I went to Bible study tonight and wore the coat I got on our trip to Wyoming. It had two zipper pulls. When I got out of the car when we got home the zipper split open and I couldn't get it to go back together. I even looked at instructions o... Read more
My birthday yesterday.
Wednesday, December 06, 2017      8 comments

We ordered pizza Monday night. I had leftover pizza for dinner last night with a salad. Our son came over after we were through with dinner. He had two pieces of pizza. His wife called me from Pennsylvania to wish me a happy birthday. O... Read more
A loose dog got me outside this afternoon.
Monday, December 04, 2017      12 comments

My husband came home from work and told me that there was a loose dog outside. He said it had chased a woman we know that lives up the street from us. I opened the door and saw the dog. It looked similar to one that is on the corner of ... Read more
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Monday, December 04, 2017      9 comments

I woke up today feeling like I have no energy. I have been having mild symptoms of a possible sinus infection with "sand" in my eyes and a stuffed/runny nose. I was stoked when we got home from Wyoming and zipped through laundry and put... Read more
How to add pictures to your blogs from MAMISHELI53
Saturday, December 02, 2017      5 comments

To add a picture to your blog, you just need to have it in your computer files. When blogging, notice the "add an image" bar. Click on that, and up will pop a box telling you to select a file. You go to your photo files and click on the one you ... Read more
MAMISHELI53 told me how to put pictures into my blog. Pictures from Wyoming.
Saturday, December 02, 2017      5 comments

My husband, Rodger, and my daughter, Jaime, trying to take pictures on Jaime's Smart phone Butterfly bench at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens taken by... Read more
We went to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Thanksgiving Day.
Thursday, November 30, 2017      7 comments

We left Monday to go to Wyoming after I had an appointment with the VA nutritionist. We took Bayou with us. We took my '95 Dodge Caravan, so the dog would have enough room to turn around and lie down. We ran into snow on the ground at C... Read more
Hoping things are resolved concerning my hospital bill.
Saturday, November 18, 2017      7 comments

I got online this morning and found a number for the hospital's billing department. I was able to get through and talked to a man named, Jack. I wrote down the time of the call, the date, and Jack's name. He said the bill was already re... Read more
Stewing (noun) an extreme state of worry and agitation.
Saturday, November 18, 2017      9 comments

Our son and his wife came to see us last evening. I finished vacuuming the main level of the house after they left. Two envelopes were lying on the kitchen table, unopened mail. I opened one from my supplemental insurance through my husband.... Read more
Veterans Day Freebies
Saturday, November 11, 2017      10 comments

I had a free doughnut this morning, a peanut butter one, with my morning coffee that had Torani sugar free caramel syrup in it. We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch and I had a steak, sweet potato and house salad. Hubby had a steak, chil... Read more
Veteran treats today, tomorrow and Monday. My bike seat is worth what?
Friday, November 10, 2017      9 comments

We went to breakfast this morning at Denny's and had a grand slam breakfast for free. There was a normal charge for coffee and a tip for the server, but we take advantage of the free stuff each year since we are both Veterans. We dropped m... Read more

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