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Importance of Thankfulness.....
Sunday, October 09, 2011      10 comments

I Live in the Land of Thankfulness I love the Land of Thankfulness where blessings overflow. ... Read more
Sunday, October 02, 2011      20 comments

Fold two hands together, And express a dash of sorrow; Marinate it overnight, And work on it tomorrow. Chop one grudge in tiny pieces Add several cups o... Read more
Enjoy the ride.....
Thursday, September 22, 2011      13 comments

here is another worth sharing i just got today..... lshs64.com/enjoytheride.
html ... Read more
May you be blessed.....
Friday, September 09, 2011      7 comments

i got this email today and thought it worth sharing with my Great Spark Friends...these are my wishes to all who will read this..... www.mayyoubeblessedmovie
.com/ ... Read more
Sunday, September 04, 2011      10 comments

Drop a pebble in the water: just a splash, and it is gone; But there's half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on, Spreading, spreading from the center, fl... Read more
Have You Tried SparkPeople Live?
Friday, August 26, 2011      13 comments

Have You Tried SparkPeople Live? Have you attended one of the SparkPeople Live meetings yet? This is a relatively new feature from SparkPeople that provides us with live online support and motivation. Each week they cover a different ... Read more
Light of Friendship
Monday, August 22, 2011      11 comments

Light of Friendship I've seen the light And it's in you, In everything you are And in everything you do It's a perfect light That shines for al... Read more
24 Things to Always Remember. . . and One Thing to Never Forget...
Sunday, August 14, 2011      9 comments

24 Things to Always Remember. . . and One Thing to Never Forget... Your presence is a present to the world. You're unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be. Take the days just one at a time. Co... Read more
I Know What I Feel ...And I Sense My Power.....
Monday, August 08, 2011      9 comments

I Know What I Feel ...And I Sense My Power Ask yourself: “What have I always desired to be or wanted to do in my life? Then go within and listen. Something may just bubble up. Listen and trust ... for it may not come to you until ... Read more
A Place for Me........
Sunday, July 31, 2011      9 comments

A Place for Me There is a special place in life, that needs my humble skill, A certain job I'm meant to do, which no one else can fulfill. The time will be demanding, the pay is not too good, And I wouldn't change it for a mo... Read more
Sunday, July 24, 2011      6 comments

ONE DAY AT A TIME Our lives are made up of a million moments, spent in a million different ways. Some are spent searching for love, peace, and harmony. Others are spent surviving day by day. But there is no grea... Read more
Friday, July 15, 2011      6 comments

LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE Little stones make big mountains, Little steps can cover miles, Little acts of loving-kindness Give the world it's biggest smiles... Little words can soothe big troubles Little hugs can dry big tears, ... Read more
The 5 D's of the Weight Loss Journey.....
Friday, July 08, 2011      10 comments

If we waited for the perfect time to lose weight, get healthy or whatever else we may face in life-let's face it...that time would never come... so how do we become what we need to be now? Simple, you do what you can with what you have... right ... Read more
Portrait of a Friend"
Wednesday, June 29, 2011      8 comments

Portrait of a Friend" I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts, or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will search for answers. I can't change your past with all it's heartache and pain, nor the futu... Read more
Fathers Are Wonderful People
Saturday, June 18, 2011      6 comments

Fathers Are Wonderful People Fathers are wonderful people Too little understood, And we do not sing their praises As often as we should... For, somehow, Father seems to be The man who pays the bills, While Mother binds up lit... Read more

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