The light at the end of the tunnel
Tuesday, November 17, 2015      2 comments

I am coming to a point that I must say has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding times of my life. I was glancing back at my previous blogs and I saw when I had just started going to college, and within a few weeks I will be graduatin... Read more
Challenging Week
Tuesday, July 14, 2015      0 comments

This week has been a little more challenging, but I'm trying to stay focused! I read one of the motivator's blog, and saw that some of the main things that she ate were grains, lean protein, and I believe she said something about Greek yogurt. ... Read more
Back in the game
Thursday, July 09, 2015      2 comments

I see that the last blog entry that I posted was back in 2012, I had just began college courses, this coming fall I will graduate with my Associates in Human Services. It has been a journey, and it has not always been easy. It has been the exa... Read more
Back to school
Monday, August 20, 2012      3 comments

Today was the first day of my fall semester. I really need to fine tune my healthy eating skills, and not allow myself to get so hungry that I make bad decisions. Well atleast on campus there is a gym. I will be sure to take advantage of that... Read more
Since we last met
Wednesday, August 15, 2012      3 comments

Here I go again, it's been about 3 years since I first started to use I have had a roller coaster ride in weight lost, and have lost up to 28 pounds and right... Read more
I'm baaaaack
Thursday, November 12, 2009      1 comments

been gone... probably gained a ton of weight but I need to do better starting now!... Read more
It's a balancing act
Thursday, August 27, 2009      1 comments

Boy, I never realized what a balancing act this would be, I am working full time, going to school, and trying to buy a home, and still trying to be as supportive as I can to my husband who is a Pastor. Not the ideal situation for a emotional ea... Read more
Losing Momentum?
Tuesday, August 18, 2009      3 comments

Now it is time for me to pull myself up by my boot straps and keep on going. I feel like I am lacking motivation to keep moving ahead. And I don't think that this is just effecting me. I have lost atleast two sparkfriends. Now more than ever... Read more
My pictures tell a story
Wednesday, August 12, 2009      1 comments

Talking about having the wind knock out of your sails, just when I thought I was making progress, then I take pictures...and that can be a huge discouragement! But yet I forge ahead!... Read more
Back in the saddle again
Monday, August 10, 2009      1 comments

I had a wonderful mini vacation in "hot country", lol, and time off just at home chilling (did too much chilling and not enough studying!). I endured my first test in school after missing 2 classes and not taking it as seriously as I should have... Read more
Two Year Anniversary
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      4 comments

Today is me and my husband's 2nd year anniversary. I thank God for him, we had a great time in his home town and that was sort of our celebration. We are back now and it is time to get on track, back to school, work, my good eating habits, an... Read more
Mini Vacation
Wednesday, July 29, 2009      1 comments

I am so excited about my upcoming mini vacation! My only concern is getting my work out in. Hopefully the hotel will have a workout room. I think I can keep the eating in control...nonetheless, Meridian, MS here we come!... Read more
Rolling with the punches
Tuesday, July 28, 2009      1 comments

This last week has had me on the craziest roller coaster ride of my life. I was supposed to start school on the 18th of this month, circumstances arose that kept me from getting my registration money and application in, in time for the class, s... Read more
Friday, July 24, 2009      3 comments

Life can be full of disappointments, but my Pastor once said "Don't let a devine delay be a devilish disappointment. I thank God for those words because, if it were not for those words and my relationship with Christ I would probably stay home ... Read more
I realize
Sunday, July 19, 2009      2 comments

Today while walking in the pouring down rain, I realized that I know longer look for excuses to not work out, like a little rain. That was a great moment for me. I could have gone earlier in the day when it was not raining, but my husband prom... Read more

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