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A Gift to Always Remember
Friday, February 13, 2015      21 comments

Here is another holiday that has gotten tainted by commercialism, Valentine's Day. For some, it is a day for feeling sad because they are not a couple. And I can see how this happens with all the "couples advertising". But this is not what V... Read more
Did you overlook something important?
Tuesday, February 10, 2015      18 comments

Don't overlook an opportunity to make a difference, no matter how small is appears to you. It may be a big thing to someone.... Read more
You think what?
Saturday, February 07, 2015      15 comments

What are you thinking today?... Read more
Okay, to do ask why?
Friday, February 06, 2015      17 comments

Sometimes I need to remind myself. ... Read more
A Most Precious Gift
Tuesday, February 03, 2015      21 comments

A meaningful friendship is one of the most precious gifts to be found. I treasure my close friends—those who: Are there when other’s walk out Help me grow ... Read more
Tuesday, January 27, 2015      14 comments

It is say that I need to be child like, not childish. So, if I am to be child like, than I ask to ask my Heavenly Father to show me and guide to what I must do. And I hav... Read more
Do you?
Saturday, January 24, 2015      20 comments

Do you think about what you say before you say it, or what you write? When we write to a spark person, it is not easy because our words may not come across the way... Read more
What makes you happy?
Thursday, January 22, 2015      21 comments

... Read more
Can you believe this?
Friday, January 16, 2015      21 comments

Every where we turn, someone is telling us how we should look, or dress, what size we should be. I am tired of hearing this. Plus, I know me, I cannot begin to lose weig... Read more
It Starts with Just One
Wednesday, January 14, 2015      18 comments

Our opportunity to help someone does not have to big or extraordinary. A simple smile or enjoy your day", letting someone ahead of you who you can see is in a hurry, ... Read more
Saturday, January 10, 2015      26 comments

Crying is for the strong, yet we have been told it's for the weak.... Read more
Something I need to remember at times
Wednesday, January 07, 2015      20 comments

Sometimes I can forget this.... Read more
This is a special time
Saturday, January 03, 2015      16 comments

This is what I wish for you.... Read more
Sunday, December 28, 2014      22 comments

May I remember this!... Read more
A Christmas Present for Jesus
Tuesday, December 16, 2014      14 comments

A Christmas Present for Jesus By William Gaultiere The magi gave gifts to Jesus on the first Christmas. Do you have a gift to give Jesus for Christmas? We g... Read more

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