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The Funny Thing About Plans Is That They Change
Tuesday, October 16, 2018      7 comments

My weight loss goal is going to take a back seat.... because I am cooking up something else right now. Baby #3. 15 years ago my husband and I ... Read more
Finished First Round of T25
Friday, October 12, 2018      4 comments

I finished the first round of T25. I know I would have loved the last 10 weeks to have shown a more significant weight loss, however I am really proud that I have lost almost 9 pounds. Monday I will be starting my second round of T25, that will ... Read more
Friday, October 05, 2018      3 comments

Somedays i feel frustrated.... because i feel like i should be losing weight faster than i am. However i feel good that im still consisent and maintaining overall. Perhaps building more muscle. I went on vacatation and was up 3 lbs the next weig... Read more
Excited For The Weigh In?
Thursday, September 06, 2018      3 comments

This week has felt good. Like, really good. I was on-point with my food, I worked out as I do each week, went into the second phase of my program and added some additional cardio. I have felt full, motivated and like my stride is coming back. It... Read more
Increasing Daily Burn
Tuesday, September 04, 2018      1 comments

I have been focused on my T25 workouts and prior to that completing 21 day fix workouts. I was encouraged to do shorter workouts using weights or body exercises (HIIT workouts) and in doing so I have removed cardio focused workouts from my dail... Read more
Mondays Are Always Hard
Monday, August 27, 2018      4 comments

Mondays are challenging. It feels like every Monday I have a tantrum in my head of "I dont want to do this!" whether its my work out or tracking, some weeks I feel frustrated with the process. But I am still here. There is still positive movemen... Read more
More Changes + Consistency = Long Term Benefits
Tuesday, August 14, 2018      1 comments

This week I met with my doctor and we reviewed my body composition results. We lessened my caloric intake to 1000-1200 calories per day which surprised me to hear as a recommendation but her reasoning made sense. So, I am moving forward with tho... Read more
Could This Bring The Balance & Goals? I think so.
Friday, August 03, 2018      3 comments

Just finished week 1 of T25 (minus Sundays stretch day). I sweat so much. During the workouts I swing between feeling like the workout "isn't enough" and "oh my god i'm dying." I am feeling excited about the possibilities that come with this HII... Read more
Week Back From Vacation
Wednesday, August 01, 2018      1 comments

We went on vacation and while my diet wasn't on point I worked out Friday through Thursday while away. Friday through Sunday (the second weekend) I felt sick with a sore throat, head cold, etc. Sunday we returned home after a 9 hour drive and I ... Read more
Pre-Travel Plans
Monday, July 16, 2018      1 comments

In 2010 my best friend moved from Michigan to Wisconsin. Each year since then I try to schedule a long weekend to visit her and her family (now two babies!). This trip we are packing up the kiddos and are traveling for 9 days! So exciting! The f... Read more
Steps - Moving Forward
Friday, July 13, 2018      0 comments

First, I need to do a little celebration dance (woohooo! *booty shaking*) because the scale is moving. I know it is not the only way to measure success but after 6 months of working toward losing weight I am finally seeing it budge beyond where ... Read more
Pre-Attitude Adjustment
Sunday, July 08, 2018      0 comments

Years ago my blogs were positive and motivational, which is frustrating in some ways because right now I WISH I felt that, but I am totally feeling like a crabby patty. I changed my weigh in days to Fridays and between Monday and Friday I ... Read more
Getting Out Of My Own Way
Tuesday, July 03, 2018      0 comments

I think I am going to meet up with a dietician. There is a big part of me that doesn't to. Its like asking for help when this shouldn't be all that hard. Admitting defeat. It's just that I like to do things alone, but with the support of others.... Read more
A Letter To My Body
Monday, July 02, 2018      1 comments

Dear you, This morning I am in my head and in my head is not a safe place for you. It’s the place where I blame you and shame you for the discomfort I feel, for failing me when I work hard to see results. It is the place that I critique yo... Read more
Frustrations- NSV's- and my returning intentions.
Sunday, July 01, 2018      0 comments

I have been feeling so frustrated with weight loss lately and FINALLY I am seeing some differences as of recently. My cardio is good- I walk, I jog (on the treadmill), I bike.... and Ive started doing 21 Day Fix again just to switch things up. B... Read more

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