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Thursday, April 09, 2009      2 comments

Well I've had a pretty decent week. Down another pound & I've been able to exercise most days. YEA! Today I really stuck with my calorie/carb goals & had all of my water. My plan is to stick around home this weekend until Easter. I'm going t... Read more
New plan
Saturday, March 28, 2009      3 comments

Well after a week of NOTHING moving and keeping my calories low, I'm changing it up. Going to try and keep my carbs at or around 100 per day to see if it makes a difference. Very frustrating to be so strict and not have results! The hardest me... Read more
Thursday, May 08, 2008      5 comments

Took a half day off of work yesterday to do some planting. When to the garden store & bought a bunch of flowers, herbs & a few perennials. It was 73 and kind of overcast. Spent a few hours planting, cleaning the beds, cutting back some old dea... Read more
Feel so fine today
Wednesday, April 16, 2008      3 comments

I can't say why, but I am feeling so good today. Maybe because the sun is shining and it's 65! What a difference a little good weather does for your mood. I resisted temptation at work today-fettucini alfredo and chocolate cake-walked at lunc... Read more
Get on the ride
Tuesday, April 08, 2008      1 comments

I just had an epiphany while walking with my best friend at lunch today. We were talking about various topics & she mentioned that she'd watched a tv show on VH1 with Scott Baio (seriously?) & he was talking with his life coach. The coach was ... Read more
Thursday, April 03, 2008      1 comments

Well I finally feel like I'm back on track after a week & a half. Last night I was able to run on the treadmill again-felt so good. I ordered a new DVD for the resistance bands I bought, so I'm excited for that to come. Also ordered some new m... Read more
Stalled out
Sunday, March 30, 2008      6 comments

Oh this has not been a good month. I have really stalled out and not given it my all. I've been fighting a cold this week & have had really mediocre workouts. Haven't been tracking all of my food daily either. I find myself doing this quite ... Read more
Size 14 baby!
Wednesday, March 19, 2008      2 comments

So yesterday, my daughter & I went shopping in Columbus as she is on spring break. We had an awesome time & I didn't pay much attention to my eating, but I didn't go overboard either. So I decided to try on some jeans because I could really use... Read more
Friday plan
Friday, March 14, 2008      1 comments

Only down 1/2 lb this week. That's ok though, better than going up & I'm still sticking to my plan, working out most days and feeling pretty good. The other day I tried on a bunch of old clothes-can wear them all & zip them all-another 5 lbs a... Read more
Old vinyl
Wednesday, March 12, 2008      1 comments

Okay, enough of this sadness! My hubby brought home an old turntable from work yesterday for my daughter. We pulled out our old albums from the mid 70's to early 80's. You know, back when we were cool-or thought so at least. The Clash, David... Read more
Sunday-snow day
Sunday, March 09, 2008      3 comments

So we got 2 feet of snow yesterday-unbelievable for March! Kind of a boring weekend because we couldn't go out at all until the city plowed our street today around noon. But thankfully the sun is out & everybody can get out. I did walk in the... Read more
3/5/08 Plan
Wednesday, March 05, 2008      1 comments

So I kind of got off track last night. Had 3 pieces of pizza (small white pizza with ham & tomato) & a large Guiness. Didn't have time to work out either. Today I'm back on track, brought my lunch, healthy breakfast & good dinner planned. Als... Read more
Friday, February 29, 2008      4 comments

Made my goal for the month this morning! Whoopee!!! Just have to stay on track this weekend. Another celebration to overcome-my dad's 79th birthday, guaranteed homemade chocolate cake courtesy of mom. My poor hubby is getting a colonoscopy... Read more
Lost Weekend
Monday, February 25, 2008      1 comments

This weekend was definitely a total blow out. Ate and ate & didn't track my food....the only positive thing I did was exercise yesterday. But I'm not getting discouraged or giving up. I know that I'm not going to be perfect-that will never ha... Read more
2-22 Anniversary
Friday, February 22, 2008      1 comments

My challenge for the weekend-big anniversary dinner for my parents on Sunday. I am in charge of making a fabulous dessert & I'm not going for something healthy. It's their 50th & not about my losing weight! Soooo, going to try to exercise a l... Read more

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