The seperation diet
Wednesday, February 18, 2009      2 comments

I am back... done relying on not eating and not sleeping. I am going to get back on the horse...tracking food..exercising. Hes already sorry he lost me, but when I am a size 7 again...he will really understand that I was not only ... Read more
whoo hoo!
Friday, January 30, 2009      3 comments

I lost weight! Yay! I steped on the scale and I lost 3 lbs!!! **skinnyt dance***... Read more
Back on the horse
Wednesday, January 28, 2009      5 comments

Well, I am commiting to improving myself. My marriage is over. That will take time to move past, but why not show him what hes lost? He cheated on me with a skinner model, not only am I going to get back to the old me, but hes not goin... Read more
Broken Heart
Monday, January 26, 2009      5 comments

I found out today that my husband was cheating on me. I threw him out. I guess this starts a new path in my life. For the last 6 yrs I have been nothing but faithful and I dont know what to do. I will probably take a break fr... Read more
feeling better
Friday, January 23, 2009      1 comments

Yesterday I went back to work and watched what i ate....I was starving from not eating for 2 days....but i resisted the urge to eat everything and stayed on track. Today I am still a little tired but I dont feel sick to my tummy. I ate a he... Read more
Stomach Flu
Thursday, January 22, 2009      1 comments

Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. I curently have the somach flu,. I will check in though!! test came back negative!! whoo hoo... Read more
I fell in love with a new spark people video
Monday, January 19, 2009      1 comments

If u are like me and like to work on ur hips and thighs try this video my Pilates Hips & Thighs Workout, which you can find here:
itness_artic les.asp?id=1057 OMG ouch!!!! I need to go rest!!... Read more
Bender Ball and Biggest looser kit
Monday, January 19, 2009      1 comments

So today I got the bender ball in the mail. It looks like a regular old ball. Like one ur kids play with in the summer. Well, I am going to try it tonight. Pop that DVD in and give it the old college try... I also got the biggest looser kit... Read more
My Plan week 1/18/09
Sunday, January 18, 2009      1 comments

Here is my plan: to stay with in my 30 weight watcher points for the next 3 days...not to use the left over extra points for the next three days (this will be a challenge) Do a bootcamp video per day 30 mins cardio mon, tues, wed, th... Read more
Do the skinny dance!
Saturday, January 17, 2009      1 comments

Whoot whoot... to the left... to the right... spin around... to the ground... its great... I lost weight!! 1.6 lost=3.6 lbs!! next dance...will be 5lbs!!!... Read more
Taking today to catch up on sleep
Friday, January 16, 2009      1 comments

Since i have had to be in the hospital and take care of my dad for the last 3 days....i really need some sleep.. So no exercise for me today, picking it up tomorrow by going to the gym. ZzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ
Zz ... Read more
Thursday, January 15, 2009      3 comments

My dad has been in surgery for the last two days.. yesterday he had a surgery to remove a skin cancer near his eye. I had to drive him 2 hr away and then 2 hrs home. Today he is having plastic surgery to fix his eye. He has been in surgery ... Read more
Exercise found in strange places
Tuesday, January 13, 2009      1 comments

Today when my daughter got off the bus she saw her neighbors playing outside. So we walked over and saw our neighbors. Soon they were sleddin down the hill and I had to go get the slide when my kids decied not to do it. So I was getting exercise... Read more
Car accident
Monday, January 12, 2009      5 comments

So today I am on my way to work. Now remember, we just got a huge snow storm yesterday. So I am driving 5 miles under the speed limit. And a car decides I am not going fast enough. So, he passes me and doesn't even look to see if anything coming... Read more
Spark streaks?
Sunday, January 11, 2009      2 comments

I have tried every earthly thing I can think of to get them to show up...whats the freakin secret?? Also how do I get my fitness minutes to show near my name when I post on threads like Angels does? lol Meg... Read more

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