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FB in our life!!
Friday, April 19, 2013      7 comments

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Thursday, April 18, 2013      8 comments

1. “What’s Wal-Mart? Do they, like, make walls there?” – Paris Hilton 2. “Smoking kills. And if you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields 3. “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids a... Read more
Fact of Life!
Wednesday, April 17, 2013      8 comments

At twenty we worry about what others think of us. At forty we don't care about what others think of us. At sixty we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all !!!!... Read more
Tuesday, April 16, 2013      8 comments

Teacher : Who invented the light Bulb ? Johnny : I don't know Miss Teacher : You need to focus more on your studies. Johnny : Please Miss, can I ask a question ? Teacher : Yes. Johnny : Do you know Angela ? Teacher : No, why ? John... Read more
My jogging photo..
Monday, April 15, 2013      8 comments

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Sunday, April 14, 2013      7 comments

A passenger touched the taxi driver on the shoulder to ask him to stop.... The driver screamed, lost control, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, & smashed against a wall.... Then the driver said: Don't you ever do that again, y... Read more
Banned from Walmart!
Friday, April 12, 2013      15 comments

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Walmart. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women -she loves to browse. ... Read more
Alkaline Foods and Your Healthy Weight Loss..
Friday, April 12, 2013      6 comments

Alkaline foods can help keep your healthy body in balance. An acidic diet can lead to a variety of health problems including weight gain, poor circulation, heart problems along with fatigue, achy joints, memory loss, a lack of libido, constipati... Read more
Differences Between Men & Women!!
Wednesday, April 10, 2013      6 comments

NICKNAMES: If Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle go out for lunch, they will call each other Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle. But if Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack go out for a brewsky, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Bo... Read more
Some Thoughts on Exercise!!
Wednesday, April 10, 2013      4 comments

It is well documented that for every 20 minutes that you exercise, you add one minute to your life. This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $5000 per month. My grandmother started walking five ... Read more
Why do couples fight?
Tuesday, April 09, 2013      13 comments

> My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started. > My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She said, 'I want s... Read more
I love Mango!!
Monday, April 08, 2013      7 comments

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Do you know your Onions?
Sunday, April 07, 2013      11 comments

As read on a page on FB!! PLEASE READ TO THE END: IMPORTANT In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu... Many of the farmers and t... Read more
A Woman's Poem!
Saturday, April 06, 2013      9 comments

He didn't like the casserole, and he didn't like my cake. He said my biscuits were too hard, not like his mother used to make. I didn't make the coffee right, he didn't like my stew, I didn't fold his pants, the way his mother use... Read more
How the poor live!
Friday, April 05, 2013      12 comments

One day, a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On... Read more

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