Vacations rock... then they suck.
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      3 comments

They rock because you can have a little break from reality (bills, routine, stress), they suck because you can get too much of a good thing and wreck everything you worked for (hello weightloss)! So I've been a little MIA lately. And my wei... Read more
I'm so close to 150!
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      6 comments

I'm finally back on track, I realized I was beating myself up mentally if I didn't get my 45 minutes in. Now I'm doing three short routines per day. 20 minutes elliptical in the morning, 10 minutes strength before lunch(rotate upper/lower per da... Read more
My workout mood TOTALLY changes with the weather!
Wednesday, April 20, 2011      1 comments

Okay, I need a serious talking to! I'm up 2 pounds. And not "water weight" pounds, like hard solid pounds. I can feel the "on a week, off a week" + "bad eating habits" creep up on me and Easter is right around the corner! I feel like I do this a... Read more
Dear Elliptical, I'm cheating on you with warm weather.
Monday, April 11, 2011      3 comments

So I haven't posted for about a month! Good lord where does the time go??? I hit my one year post baby weight, I feel great in skinny jeans and after my three week stress/work stint back at the computer (which is over I might add) I feel like it... Read more
Milestone 155 lbs COMPLETE!
Thursday, March 17, 2011      4 comments

Guess who gets new "skinny" jeans, and by "skinny" I mean skinny to me! That's right, I FINALLY hit 154 this morning which means it's time to go shopping! I'm even more excited to see if I dropped a pant size as well. I'd love to do the "jean ph... Read more
Here Comes the Stress Train...
Monday, March 14, 2011      3 comments

It's amazing to me what emotional stress does to your body. Last week I rocked my workouts, then I had some major stress on Friday and my Saturday workout was CRAP. I mean, I could barely push my legs on the elliptical, I could barely hold the h... Read more
I'm Pretending I'm Going to Prom
Friday, March 11, 2011      3 comments

Yes, you heard me, this 30-something-mother-of-two is pretending to go to Prom. I had tagged along while my niece went dress shopping a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. The dresses are just amazing. Times and styles sure do change. Duri... Read more
Three Cheers for Ongoing Exercise Documentation
Thursday, March 10, 2011      4 comments

I think a huge part of my weight loss is due to the fact that I'm documenting my exercise routine. Granted I did plateau, but that's what Spark is here to help me get out of the 160s! I've been writing everything down on a calendar but I'm going... Read more
My Personal Trainer is a Toddler
Thursday, March 10, 2011      5 comments

So I'm WILLING myself to do the Master Jillian shred and I'm on day 4. It is NOT easy! Yesterday was an absolute killer since it was a 40 minute rather than a 20 routine but I did get through it. This morning, my daughter comes down the stairs a... Read more
Are there any more veggies left?
Wednesday, March 09, 2011      3 comments

...So says my husband last night at dinner! I'm look at him like he's nuts. Really? You want more veggies? Who are you? On my journey of "eating clean" or more like "eating" I've gotten my husband (who hates anything that grows ou... Read more
My Evil Trio: Diet Coke, Computer and Chocolate Addiction
Monday, March 07, 2011      5 comments

I'll be perfectly honest, I know for a fact that a good reason I was having such a problem losing weight in the past was because of my evil trio: soda, (specifically Diet Coke), chocolate, (M&Ms, Milk Duds and KitKats) and my computer. Rig... Read more
It's GO time!
Friday, March 04, 2011      4 comments

I've been reading SparkPeople for about 4 months now. I love this place, it's soooo motivational. And secretly it has helped me with my weight loss although I wasn't a member until now. I finally thought I should join and share my story and also... Read more