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January - Successful
Tuesday, January 26, 2021      7 comments

January has been a successful month for me. I watched what I ate and tried to get exercise in. In the upcoming months I am going to try to reach a higher level of success. I am going to get more exercise in and keep watching my sodium levels.... Read more
Progress for Last Year and Plans for this year
Monday, January 04, 2021      6 comments

Last year I made a bit more progress on controlling what I eat and got some more exercise in. This year I plan on continuing on watching what I eat but getting more strength exercises in. Also drinking more water.... Read more
Biggest Accomplishments and Challenges for 2020
Saturday, December 26, 2020      8 comments

My biggest accomplishments for this year are that I worked for the Federal Government for 40 years and I retired in April of this year. The only challenge for this year was the covid 19. My plans for the coming year is to keep up with my ... Read more
Christmas Shopping
Wednesday, December 09, 2020      5 comments

I usually do most of Christmas Shopping on-line. Since the pandemic I have had a late start on the shopping. I was not sure if my family will be having a small gathering or not until a week ago. Most of my gifts will probably be gift cards. ... Read more
Progress last month
Wednesday, December 02, 2020      5 comments

My progress last month was actually watching my sodium intake and when I did go over just getting back on track. I did pretty good with the intake last month.... Read more
Progress last month
Monday, November 02, 2020      9 comments

My progress last month was a small one. My weight flucuated between gaining a pound and then losing a pound. I got a lot steps in. This month my goal is to not to eat any candy and get a lot more exercise in. Especially strength exercise... Read more
Saturday, October 24, 2020      6 comments

Before I moved to Fredericksburg, I had three cats. I had the mother cat and two of her litter. There was the runt of the litter and another kitten that had a crooked tail and was black and white. I loved all of them but my favorite was the b... Read more
Bone and Joint Health National Action Week
Saturday, October 17, 2020      6 comments

I have arthritis in my hips and a little in my back. I just try to get as much exercise I can in to get rid of the pain and then use icy hot if it is too bad. I rarely take any advil or aleve. Only once in a while. There are some strength ex... Read more
National Handbag Day - Oct 10th
Saturday, October 10, 2020      7 comments

Today is National Handbag day. I have about 6 purses and I switch to a different purse every month. This month I have a Vera Bradley handbag and I have a matching wallet. I have that wallet, my checkbook and pens in my purse. I also have my ... Read more
Favorite Breakfast
Tuesday, September 15, 2020      6 comments

My favorite thing to have for breakfast are eggs over easy, toast and sometimes sausage. A very simple breakfast.... Read more
Progress last month
Thursday, September 03, 2020      7 comments

I made a little bit more progress last month. I did more exercises and continued my water intake.... Read more
Friday, August 28, 2020      6 comments

My goal is to lose 5 pounds. My measures will be when I weigh in on Weds. I will reach my goal by tracking my food and my ranges and also by doing my cardio and strength training. I will track this on the the Spark People tracking.... Read more
Progress last month
Thursday, August 06, 2020      6 comments

I made a little bit of progress last month. I wanted to make more progress than what I did. This month I am going to get more exercise in. I have started drinking more water. I found some good exercises in a womans day magazine that I ... Read more
Tuesday, July 28, 2020      11 comments

I have not been to a waterpark. Not that I can recall anyways. I would go to one but if it was safe. Now a days you have to be careful. I hear that they are a lot of fun.... Read more
Fast eating
Monday, July 20, 2020      6 comments

I tend to eat too fast at dinner time. I don't gobble down the food but I do not take my time eating. I need to slow down my eating to enjoy the food.... Read more

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