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Holiday Baking Helper!
Saturday, December 19, 2009      9 comments

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Great Dog Quotes!
Tuesday, December 15, 2009      10 comments

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It's called Christmas with a capital C....A MUST SEE!
Sunday, December 13, 2009      8 comments

Turn up your sound and get ready to ROCK because this is the coolest thing I have heard in years!! I LOVED IT!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=
IAckfn8yiAQ ... Read more
Healthy Seed Supplements!
Sunday, December 13, 2009      5 comments

I have been researching different healthy ways to add to my already healthy eating regime. I found this supplement in our local grocery store in the health food department. I did some research on it and ended up getting some. It tastes wonderful... Read more
Saturday, December 12, 2009      8 comments

M is for making attainable goals O is for over coming temptation T is for treating yourself kind when you meet your goals I is for intrinsic...the internal pleasure you get from succeeding V is for victory celebrations fo... Read more
Wednesday, December 09, 2009      15 comments

Hello loyal readers!!! I am talking to you today from the frozen tundra of Iowa. We are having a mother of a blizzard today of all blizzards!! To give you a little idea of the conditions here....the temperature is 8 degrees...wind is blowing up ... Read more
The Verdict is in....
Saturday, December 05, 2009      21 comments

A gal I work with has a friend that needed to find a new home for her 10 month old German Shepherd. They are a young couple with another brand new baby and they just couldn't afford to feed their two dogs. She knew they were really needing to ge... Read more
Be Thankful...
Thursday, November 26, 2009      11 comments

Today I woke and went about the usual routine of relishing a relaxing cup of java and being grateful that I have the day off. As I sat sipping away I was compiling all the things I had left to do today before we could put our country spread on f... Read more
Degu fun part 3 (video blog)
Saturday, November 21, 2009      7 comments

More delightful Degu antics...... Read more
Degu fun part 2 (video blog)
Saturday, November 21, 2009      6 comments

More fun Degu moments...... Read more
About my Degu pets... (video blog)
Saturday, November 21, 2009      13 comments

The Degu is a small 5-9" brown rodent with a tail 2/3 the length of the body similar to Gerbil but larger(2-3 times the size). Degus originate from the foot of the Andes Mountains around Chile where they live in large groups making their homes i... Read more
From my home to all my friends (video blog)
Saturday, November 21, 2009      11 comments

I wanted to send a special "thank you!" to all my friends who have supported me throughout my weight loss journey thus far. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to have my own personal cheering section and to have made so many close frie... Read more
Wow I am such a loser!!!
Saturday, November 14, 2009      11 comments

Money money money money.....M*O*N*E*Y$!$!$!$!$!
Saturday, November 14, 2009      11 comments

This week I experienced something that stuck in my mind and I wanted to share it with you. I first want to explain about this grocery store that I regularly visit. On this trip there I was really taking note of how friendly and accommodating the... Read more
My Degu babies are here!!
Saturday, November 07, 2009      15 comments

Well actually they were born last weekend but I couldn't get any pictures because Mama Jill and Daddy Jack have been pretty protective and I didn't want to "rock the cradle" so to speak LOL! Hubby and I went to town for some supplies and when I ... Read more

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