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I'm Not as good as I Once Was...
Tuesday, May 27, 2008      6 comments

and I do not think I am even as good once as I ever was!!! The house is not ready for inspection and my homework is not done. Sooo, with class tonight, I have to ignore the house, do the homework and PRAY that they do not inspect. I am thin... Read more
I'm Wearing Down...
Tuesday, May 27, 2008      3 comments

Ok, I am starting to get tired and overwhelmed. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will not be ready for inspection by tomorrow or rather later this morning). I should be, if I had started working on the house as soon as I had gotten out ... Read more
Corner Cleaned
Monday, May 26, 2008      6 comments

Hey everyone, first off, thanks for all your love and support in ALL my blogs and especially the last two. Seems when am stressed my insecurities hang out for all to see. i feel kind of safe on here though because other than my mom and sister-i... Read more
Why Am I Being Inspected???
Sunday, May 25, 2008      10 comments

Well, I live in government housing, that is why and at least once a year or more they notify you there will be an inspection and if it is not up to par, you can be in danger of being evicted. It is my understanding that if it is not complet... Read more
Saturday nights blog even if it IS early Sunday morning! Ha!
Sunday, May 25, 2008      5 comments

OK, it is 2am and I need to get to bed, but wanted to blog real quick, but instead got sidetracked catching up on everyone else and checking my e-mail from sp. Oh well, that is ok. It was around 6pm ish when I finally got started doing anyt... Read more
Drama Night at Church
Monday, May 19, 2008      12 comments

Below are the words to a song to one of the dramas performed at church tonight. I have attached a video as well. The video is not of our church, but I wanted you to see it, the performance stays with you after it is over. It is sooo gorgeou... Read more
Saturday, May 17, 2008      5 comments

OK, I was up half the night and I did not get up until 1pm, and i have yet to do anything. I am unsure where to start... even. Soo, I am going to start with 15 minutes of sorting dirty laundry. What I plan on doing, is coming back and ... Read more
Friday's blog, so ignore Saturday's date, LOL
Saturday, May 17, 2008      6 comments

This is a pic of Rebekah and I when she was graduating 6th grade. She will be graduating 8th grade this coming Thursday! WOW, how times flies. Well, I have been updating you all on other computers the last few days as I have been having tro... Read more
The Perils of My Tomato/Salt/Dill Pickle & Dill Pickle Juice Diet
Thursday, May 15, 2008      11 comments

Well, the doc did some bloodwork and he prescribed prenatal vitamins (no not preg.) and something for the diarrhea that too many tomatoes have caused and a mouth rinse for the blisters in my mouth. Now, you realize that the tomatoes truly a... Read more
Tomatoes & Dill Pickles
Thursday, May 15, 2008      8 comments

My Dr. appt is tomorrow afternoon at 2:45, and it works well since Jonah needs his shots anyway. Supper was dill pickles, tomatoes with PLENTY of salt and cottage cheese... YUM, YUM, YUM!!!! I did have some chocolate later but it has b... Read more
Tuesday, May 13, 2008      6 comments

One good thing about me forgetting to copy that blog before I tried to submit it is that this one will be less wordy and get more to the point…. maybe! LOL I wanted to tell you all that I will be calling my family doctor in the morning to s... Read more
Tuesday, May 13, 2008      6 comments

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF IRON DEFICIENCY With all the possible consequences from iron deficiency, you can see the extraordinary impact of low iron and why this is such an important topic. An iron deficient person would not have all of thes... Read more
Blog 2 for 5-12-08:
Tuesday, May 13, 2008      8 comments

Guess I have a tendency to over-react and have little pity parties (regarding my last blog). I was at church maybe 30 minutes tops and realized, I just let the words of the enenmy spew from my lips/fingertips in that last blog. Sometimes, I... Read more
I have come to a conclusion!
Monday, May 12, 2008      12 comments

I am lazy, plain and simple, just flat out lazy! Too lazy to clean my house, too lazy to eat right, too lazy to exercise. Too lazy to remain consistent in my relationship with God. Too lazy to go weigh and find out how much I actually weigh. I k... Read more
My Wonderful Thursday!
Saturday, May 10, 2008      8 comments

Well, I had better tell you all about my wonderful day on Thursday before life gets in the way and it is forgotten. Besides, if it is written, I can always go back and read it to remind myself, right? I had a gift certificate for a pedicure... Read more

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