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Day 13 (paranoia)
Sunday, January 13, 2019      3 comments

Having some paranoid thoughts the past 3 days or so. Today everything came to a head and I binge ate this morning consuming 1300 calories in 15 to 20 m... Read more
Day 10 (milk)
Thursday, January 10, 2019      3 comments

Another meh day so I'll bullet point the "newsworthy" parts. *had another nicotine urge I did not act upon *ate sensibly at jimmy johns, half of an I... Read more
Day 9 (report)
Wednesday, January 09, 2019      6 comments

I haven't done much besides track, clean, and play with my kiddo these past 2 days. I lead a very boring life! I occasionally dabble in writing short s... Read more
Day 7 (meal prep)
Monday, January 07, 2019      5 comments

I know how to do this. Between the dozens of books I own all about healthy eating and proper exercise and the hours of research I've dedicated to it you'd think I'd be a professional health coach. Instead I'm 306 lbs. Not cool, me. Not cool. I ... Read more
Day 6 (happy birthday)
Sunday, January 06, 2019      3 comments

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday! I love celebrating his birthday even though he doesn't. We usually keep it pretty low-key, just relaxing around the ... Read more
Day 4 (Jenga)
Friday, January 04, 2019      5 comments

My daughter loves playing with jenga blocks. She likes building Roman ruins-esque structures and towers out of the little wooden bricks. Today was no e... Read more
Day 3 (Rough)
Thursday, January 03, 2019      3 comments

Today was rough. To make this is short simple blog post allow me to bullet point: * Drama with the spouse * Food cravings like a pregnant woman * I wa... Read more
Day 2 (Motivate motivate motivate)
Wednesday, January 02, 2019      9 comments

My goal is to one day be as fit and fierce as Ronda Rousey. First I have to lose quite a few lbs. But my reward when I lose 104 lbs is to get a gym mem... Read more
Day one (or how I learned how to stop worrying and love the bomb)
Tuesday, January 01, 2019      4 comments

Dinner was 487 calories. I ate a ton of veggies. But buuttttt........ Dinner was stressful as hell. My toddler hates veggies. She always was a meat and... Read more
Ramen noodles in paradise!
Monday, December 31, 2018      2 comments

Does anyone remember that retro cartoon "Beanie and Cecil"? Beanie was a propeller cap wearing boy and Cecil was a sea monster and their enemy was Dishonest John. Every time Dishonest John was mean, evil or dishonest Cecil would gasp in disbelie... Read more
**You can ignore this, it's just a rant**
Sunday, December 30, 2018      4 comments

Yeah. A rant about my attractive sister and how I suffer from an inferiority complex. *dramatic sigh* I wouldn't have such a big problem with it were ... Read more
Saturday, December 29, 2018      1 comments

Group therapy was interesting. Met about 15 other people mostly women who are on the same journey. One woman has maintained a 90 lb weight loss for almost a year, so it must work. We talked about triggers and treats. We made lists of our trigger... Read more
Thursday, December 27, 2018      4 comments

My visit with Coach Cathy went... differently. She wasn't mad or disappointed, which was nice. She told me getting angry does nothing but turn pain int... Read more
Wednesday, December 26, 2018      5 comments

Fell off the wagon. Set fire to it. Used the insurance money to buy Twinkies. My first official weigh in is this Thursday at the weight loss center with coach Cathy. It's also the day I get my binder from my brother, Dan. Dan is the opposite... Read more
Wednesday, December 19, 2018      4 comments

Water weight is always the first to go and I'm grateful! Took my thyroid medication this morning and almost ate immediately afterwards -- whoops! I didn't take a bite but I did prepare myself some eggs. My daughter is working on potty train... Read more

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