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its a new month!
Monday, February 01, 2016      7 comments

I love the beauty of a new day and a new month. As I look back on January, I am beyond proud of myself. I'm going into February with an energy I cannot even describe. Let me tell you the feeling is so powerful and positive, its almost overwhelmi... Read more
whoa there brain, slow down
Sunday, January 31, 2016      4 comments

I have to lose X lbs by blank date. If I don't go to the gym today, I will never lose weight. I can't eat Y because then I will always be fat. I had a bad day at the gym, I am such a failure. I cant run a mile in 10 minutes, I hate mysel... Read more
dreams do come true
Saturday, January 30, 2016      8 comments

I have been dreaming of being back in the gym. For those unfamiliar with my story, a few years ago I was a Zumba Instructor with 3+ classes a week. But just last year I was practically bedridden from the pain of my Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Hy... Read more
gym gym and more gym
Friday, January 29, 2016      5 comments

I love the weekends when I don't have to work! Tonight I got to go to hot yoga. Tomorrow morning I am trying out a 'boot camp' class and Sunday is a gym date with my man. I might even take a barre class with a friend Sunday afternoon. I love the... Read more
prep your game up
Thursday, January 28, 2016      7 comments

I have found out the key to a successful day and that is taking the time the day before, or a few days before to get stuff done. Saturdays I plan out the meals for the next week and grocery shop. Sundays are my meal prep days. I spend a fe... Read more
Wednesday, January 27, 2016      10 comments

Sometimes I need to remember what I truly want. I don't want to struggle with my weight anymore. I NEVER want to feel like I did when I was sick. Sometimes I don't want to eat healthy and sometimes I don't want to go to the gym. But if I don't e... Read more
I am here for you
Tuesday, January 26, 2016      8 comments

I am the type of person who will be there for anyone who needs me. I will cheer you on, pick you up and support you. But what a lot of people don't realize, is that my blog is me, talking to myself. Its a virtual pep talk I type to myself and ca... Read more
my mind changed
Monday, January 25, 2016      10 comments

it just hit me today; I am so tired of hearing peoples excuses. I am tired of hearing people complain. But that is so rude of me because I've been there and I know what that feels like. And yet, I have hit this point in my journey when I realize... Read more
3 for 3
Saturday, January 23, 2016      5 comments

So I have made a FUN decision to make 3 changes for 3 weeks. This is usually the time that resolutions fall apart as the first month is almost over. February is almost here and its pointless to keep trying. Its too cold outside to have mot... Read more
try something new
Monday, January 18, 2016      9 comments

Part of my 2016 resolution is to try something new each week. I've noticed I become too comfortable in routine and my "usual" that I rarely would venture into trying something new. But the experiences that I open myself up to by trying new thing... Read more
this time last year
Thursday, January 14, 2016      7 comments

this time last year, I thought my life was over. I was stuck in a sick body, plagued by fatigue and anxiety. it took a whole year to get where I am. A WHOLE YEAR. I have never been a very patient person, but this disease has caused me to ta... Read more
how its become easier
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      7 comments

Lets be honest for one moment. You have a starting weight and a goal weight in mind and the space between those has you overwhelmed. At least, that is where I am at right now. But I know once I find my rhythm, its not as scary. Its almost exciti... Read more
why is this time different?
Monday, January 04, 2016      9 comments

its January! the month you promised you would start eating healthy, or drink more water or lose weight. Are you ready? Are your goals clearly defined? Are they realistic? Do you have a game plan? The past year was a roller coaster I wanted ... Read more
Tuesday, June 16, 2015      8 comments

My Pastor gave me a Daily Devotional for the Chronically Ill that I have been reading. One scripture was powerful enough to bring me to tears, and not in a good way. It stated that trials are temporary because Heaven is eternal and even if I am ... Read more
Thursday, March 26, 2015      12 comments

I ate foods that I shouldn't have eaten yesterday and I am seriously suffering the consequences today. I am dealing with fatigue, brain fog and fibromyalgia pain. This stinks after having so many great days in a row! BUT now it reinforces that I... Read more

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