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Lights, Bells, Chestnuts, Misc.
Sunday, December 09, 2018      18 comments

The last couple of days, I have put up many types of yard lights. Got new solar lights for front and back yards, along with neon xmas shapes, and twinkly ones. They look so pretty and I'll try to take pics during the next coming weeks and post... Read more
I'm A Rainy Day People Person
Thursday, December 06, 2018      22 comments

So thrilled with the second day in a row of much-needed rain with all of those wonderful negative ions we need. "Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mou... Read more
One Meal a Day Diet (free book on Kindle)
Monday, December 03, 2018      19 comments

This book has some interesting things to say about eating one big meal a day, no snacks, and best results at breakfast meal. In actuality, it is intermittent fasting. Best to eat that one meal at around the same time of day. I guess there hav... Read more
What I Forgot When I Bought My Santa Suit A Few Years Ago
Sunday, December 02, 2018      15 comments

Small details. Santa is NOT female. So how can I talk when I wear my fantabulous Santa suit? (photo in my SP photo collection) Honestly, how could I not have thought of that point when I bought it? I've run into major challenges since buyin... Read more
Add Your Current Age to the Year You Were Born and See the Results
Saturday, December 01, 2018      13 comments

Surprised? It won't work if your birthday is in December. I have continued to decorate beyond all logic. (smiling) Yesterday I got an adorable Charlie Brown xmas tree and it makes me smile. If you look at the comic strip, you will see h... Read more
Hooray! Another Rainy Day.
Thursday, November 29, 2018      22 comments

Light rain, but I'll take it. Better than none at all with this scary, long drought. Supposed to come again on the weekend. Love it. That's it for now. Who would think that excitement over rain is possible? (smiling) You bet it is u... Read more
Yay!! Got My Smog done and Registration Out in the Mail
Tuesday, November 27, 2018      18 comments

One less thing to worry about, the CA vehicle smog test. Passed and now the registration renewal is out in the mail. Fees have gone up again. Good ole high cost of living. (smiling) Sunny, warm day is supposed to start getting colder to... Read more
Friday, November 23, 2018      27 comments

I go through this every year, but this year I meant it. Vacation from xmas. Not a bah humbug thing, just a vacay from all the superficiality. Then I begin to think of my dearly-departed loved ones who gave me amazingly fabulous xmases as a ki... Read more
Thursday, November 22, 2018      19 comments

I awoke to a sound I didn't recognize because it's been so long since I heard it. Rain! Oh, how badly we need this rain in SoCal! Hope this is the start of a rainy season to get out of the dreadful drought that's gone on for so long. Hav... Read more
Thought I Caught the Flu Yesterday
Wednesday, November 21, 2018      13 comments

Right after lunch (a wonderfully tasty super-salad with everything in it), I started to feel "funny." Not ha ha funny. Stomach cramping. Then a couple of hours living in the bathroom. I'll spare polite company the details. (smiling) For... Read more
Thankful for All of You Here at SparkPeople
Tuesday, November 20, 2018      22 comments

In January, it'll be 10 years that I've been here. Found by accident, I never dreamed I'd stay at all, let alone this long. There are so many benefits at SP. But the one thing that has kept me coming back daily are my wonderful friends. ... Read more
Happy Ending to 3 Nearby Fires Last Night (all within a mile of my home)
Thursday, November 15, 2018      24 comments

Yesterday's walk was later in the day, and in the dark. As I walked the last stretch toward home, no fewer than 20 fire trucks sped past me with sirens blasting. As if I weren't anxious enough since last Thursday when all of the fires started ... Read more
Obesity, Social Media, Coffee and Depression
Tuesday, November 13, 2018      18 comments

Heard a couple of "news" reports lately. One has been constant for the past week; that professionals are seeing a lot of depression linked to social media use. Too much and too many comparisons to those with seemingly "better" lives. A... Read more
Mega-Stressed and Sad Over CA Fires
Sunday, November 11, 2018      19 comments

It's been an awful week. Starting with the elections that make this state a super-majority and they already have 3 new taxes in the pipeline that they will pass without voters. Just pass whatever they want. But I won't go into politics furthe... Read more
Sugar Detoxing is NOT Pretty
Wednesday, November 07, 2018      25 comments

I won't go into details, but I'm making great progress in the right direction and know better than to have ridden that train again. Once I get started, it's never enough. Just like with any other drug. It's amazing how low the sugar blues... Read more

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