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Things are always changing
Friday, February 19, 2021      3 comments

Today was so busy. I had 3 zoom meetings. We were down to our last 3 fire logs so I had to go get more. I made it a point to exercise today. I'm proud of myself for making the time to do the 2 small exercises that I did. 20 minutes of abdominal ... Read more
Finding my motivation
Monday, November 30, 2020      0 comments

Over the last year I have had bicep tendinitis, ulnar nerve neuritis, some crazy rib disfunction, a tendon tear, bursitis, and arthritis and finally golfers elbow. All in my left arm/shoulder. I finally am pain free except the golfers elbow whic... Read more
January 21st
Tuesday, January 21, 2020      1 comments

Today the snow is gone. I get to go back to work. I never thought I would be so happy to go back to work. I made it through an entire week being stuck in the house, I didnt lose any weight but I also didnt gain any weight. My goal this week is t... Read more
Friday, January 17, 2020      4 comments

I didn't do so bad today. I didnt over eat but I didnt exercise and I didnt do my meditation. I am way to hard on myself but if I dont push myself who will? I have no support in my home and that is depressing. On a happy note I got a letter in ... Read more
Wednesday, January 15, 2020      0 comments

Today it day 3 of being "snowed in" and recovering from hurtin my back doing who only knows what. I was able to do my simply fit board for 1 hour with no problems at all. I was doing great until just after noon. I got super hungry and went overb... Read more
Happy Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 28, 2019      3 comments

Today I am taking a small break from the fuss of keeping healthy and focusing on being thankful. I am thankful that I have a new client that doesn't wa... Read more
Baby it's cold outside
Wednesday, November 27, 2019      1 comments

I feel like if its going to be as cold as it has been it needs to snow! My toes hurt and my knees hurt. My hips hurt. I feel like a 90 year old lady. My steps have been down the last couple of days and I thought for sure it would impact my weigh... Read more
If you fall over the wagon you can always catch the next one
Monday, November 25, 2019      2 comments

Last summer I went camping. For the first time in a very long time I wore a bikini played in the water and went fishing and did everything feeling free. When I got home I looked at all my pictures and was immediately disappointed. I had let myse... Read more
Good for the environment
Thursday, April 19, 2018      1 comments

At the beginning of the month there was an issue with some of the bus drivers and a bunch of kids, including mine, were switched to a different bus. That also ment my kids got on the 15 minutes later than normal. It may not seem like a big deal ... Read more
Time to relax
Monday, April 16, 2018      3 comments

Over the weekend I had time to relax and let my activities of life be my exercise. I ate when I was hungry and I ate what I wanted. I enjoyed time with my kids since I don't have many weekends with them. It felt like exactly the restful weekend ... Read more
Let's pretend you can out exercise a bad diet
Monday, April 09, 2018      1 comments

3rd day back on track and while I stayed within all my nutritional ranges I didn't exactly choose healthy foods. I did make it 4,000+ steps over my daily goal. I also worked in my garden for 2 hours. I finally got all my planting done except my ... Read more
2nd day back on track
Sunday, April 08, 2018      2 comments

I'm so proud of myself for packing healthy foods to eat at work today. Since I started working weekends I have found my new favorite thing is Sunday salad day. I have a salad every Sunday night before I leave work and I hit the gym before I pick... Read more
Just over a year
Saturday, April 07, 2018      4 comments

I haven't been on here in just over a year and I'm still trying to lose weight. Luckily I am down to my last 10lbs. I am have lost my exercise partner but I have also lost my caregiving client that had me sitting on my butt for 6+ hours a day. B... Read more
I got supporters that don't even know they are supporting me!
Wednesday, February 01, 2017      3 comments

Today I was supposed to go take a client to the doctor for her monthly B12 shot. But I have to work late and I have to get my kids off the bus and I have to workout with my neighbor. So I called the other caregiver and asked her to take her. Mak... Read more
Thank God for little fat dogs ❤
Tuesday, January 31, 2017      3 comments

The family that I am a caregiver for has an adorable little Boston Terrier Chihuahua mix. He is my favorite porkey little puppy who needs a good walk a... Read more

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