Tough Sunday, tough upcoming week
Monday, April 13, 2015      4 comments

Long story short yesterday we were picking up my boyfriend's mom and his step-dad at the airport in Regina; they left in February to Hawaii, then went to Vancouver 3 days ago to visit family and they were finally coming back yesterday. The ... Read more
An active lifestyle: thank you James Fell
Saturday, April 11, 2015      4 comments

I know I brag him up all the time but James Fell pretty much changed my life. Remember this article: http://www.bodyforwife.com/f
orming-fitness-habits/ And this one: http://www.bodyforwife.com/t
he-exercise-myth/ If you... Read more
Wobbly limbs
Friday, April 10, 2015      5 comments

Ugh, I'm out of shape. It's like my mind likes to think I'm in the same shape as when I was regularly going to the gym. I came to really dislike the gym for multiple reasons and I don't go anymore, but back in 2014 when I was still going, e... Read more
The Last Ten Pounds Plan
Thursday, April 09, 2015      6 comments

When it comes to sharing health/weight loss/fitness goals with people I'm an extreme or another; here on SparkPeople I don't mind at all, I share a lot and I never think about what people could think/say about me; and in the "real world" I never... Read more
Important decision
Wednesday, April 08, 2015      4 comments

So I woke up this morning feeling very light. I don't know if it happened during my sleep but I took the decision to lose ten more pounds. I've been maintaining very well for a year now and I feel like I've got the tools and knowledge to ... Read more
Easter weekend as a control freak
Tuesday, April 07, 2015      4 comments

One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that many of my problems in life come from the fact that I'm a control freak. I like supervising everything. Each Tuesday I go grocery shopping for the week and I plan a menu ahead; I kn... Read more
Who's my worst enemy?
Tuesday, March 31, 2015      1 comments

Thoughts about negative self-talk. For around two years now my weight has been around 160 pounds. The lowest I've seen on the scale is 159, and the highest I've been was 170; usually around times of high stress (frequently changing apartmen... Read more
First run of the year!!!!!
Monday, March 30, 2015      3 comments

Can you tell I'm excited? Last week was pretty busy. At least, busy compared to every week I've spent here so far ever since I moved!! Finishing the dinner theater set in a rush, and Thursday night I went there. Alone, on my own. Even thoug... Read more
Soreness & paint
Wednesday, March 25, 2015      0 comments

Yes, paint, not pain. Though I'm in pain too. Hahaha This week has been very good so far. Monday like I said, I went grocery shopping, and then went on a kitchen spree; I made protein balls (like cookie dough balls with protein powder in th... Read more
The difference between wanting to do it, and actually doing it
Monday, March 23, 2015      1 comments

Yesterday I went to bed with the extremely strong conviction that I would work out first thing in the morning. No need to say I didn't. Boyfriend problems made me go to sleep later than expected, so I didn't get 8 hours of sleep, and snooze... Read more
When NEW becomes a necessity
Sunday, March 22, 2015      0 comments

Now this weekend I've done a lot of thinking because I haven't been very busy, hahaha. Outside of helping paint the set of props for the dinner theater Saturday (we've been doing that for two weeks now and it's my main activity to be honest) I'v... Read more
I was afraid of a food journal!!!
Thursday, March 19, 2015      1 comments

Recently I've felt a little demotivated and I decided to read my first blog entries here on SP. It's been almost 3 years since I joined so this felt like AGES ago. I read maybe the first ten, skipping the ones I found boring (wow, that's mean lo... Read more
Sports bra adventure (with pics!)
Wednesday, March 18, 2015      2 comments

So last Saturday we went to Yorkton to get some shopping done. I'm not a big shopper, particularly on Saturdays when there's just too much people, but I wanted to go with my boyfriend for once since he needed some things, and my time is sta... Read more
Summer is coming!
Tuesday, March 17, 2015      1 comments

Okay, it's not even Spring yet, maybe I should wait for it first. Hahaha Since last week the weather has been significantly better, always around 0*C and the snow is all melting away. Everyone's saying that we'll get a bunch more snow later... Read more
Influence of the media: real or not?
Monday, March 16, 2015      1 comments

I just watched this video: https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/
eos-detail.asp?video=65 I read a lot about how the medias - mostly magazines - influence what society thinks beautiful is, especially women-wise; and... Read more

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