So much change, stress, and food problems
Tuesday, May 08, 2012      2 comments

URGH. Let's start with yesterday, which was a totally awesome day. At the gym everything went SO WELL. I ran without a stop and was barely tired after: my ankles were alright. I did my strenght training all the way, including the two sets... Read more
Plateau: GONE
Monday, May 07, 2012      5 comments

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday night I was nervous. This morning when I woke up I was even more. XD because it's weigh-in day, and my weight had barely changed in the last month. Now to see if my efforts paid... Read more
Freckles coming?!
Sunday, May 06, 2012      1 comments

Maybe! Today was a GOOD, POSITIVE day. :) I was working at 9 this morning (ugh!) and time passed really quick there! I finished at 3:30 instead of 5:30 and since it was still very sunny, clear and hot outside I decided to go for a walk. T... Read more
2 weeks!
Saturday, May 05, 2012      2 comments

Well technically TOMORROW but I've been on Spark for two weeks already! Awesome! So well yesterday was a good day, I guess. Gym in the morning, then I spent the afternoon and evening at work. In-between I got some Wii Fit done and beat a lo... Read more
4 days...
Thursday, May 03, 2012      0 comments

For some reason I'm excited to weigh in next Monday, in four days. XD since I've changed most of what I eat I hope to reach my minigoal of 170 lbs - that way I can buy new shoes, LOL. I didn't go jogging yesterday night, so I went this morn... Read more
Too much free time?
Wednesday, May 02, 2012      1 comments

Today has been a really good day (not over yet!) and I'm proud of myseeeeeeelf. I didn't set an alarm clock this morning because I wanted to sleep in and be lazy (allowed once a week! XD). I got up around 9:15, ate breakfast, and went to th... Read more
Grocery shopping: now fun
Tuesday, May 01, 2012      3 comments

I just came back from the grocery store and guess what. I bought a TON of good stuff. Here's what I got for only $44,57 taxes included: Organic quinoa 6 cans of various legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) Dry red beans Dry black turtl... Read more
A day of boost
Monday, April 30, 2012      1 comments

Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! (Aside from I'M REALLY EXCITED) I lost another pound, I'm now down to 170.8. I almost couldn't believe it this morning when I stepped on the scale!!! I didn't use it for three days, which is a per... Read more
Ready for changes
Sunday, April 29, 2012      2 comments

I'm tired. But I went to bed late last night and had to get up early because I was working at 9 today. So it's my fault, but I'll go to bed early tonight and get a good night of rock hard sleep. At work time just flew by and before I even r... Read more
First bad mood day
Saturday, April 28, 2012      1 comments

I'm tired and I feel like crying. I indeed did my Wii Fit yesterday and went to bed. I slept a lot because I'm exhausted. This morning I went to the gym and it went very well, I did even better on the treadmill and my ankles started to hurt... Read more
Dead tired
Friday, April 27, 2012      1 comments

URGH. What a LONG DAY! I hate those. Hit the gym this morning, running on the treadmill went well, my ankles still hurt a little but they were more numb than sore. Then for my strenght training, I was doing program #2, went to the pectorals... Read more
It's only a number
Thursday, April 26, 2012      2 comments

Today was AWESOME! (well for some parts) I got up after a really good rest to a gorgeous weather outside: sunny and clear. I went for my usual 3 kms jog and guess what? I never walked! I jogged the WHOLE TIME! I did it in 22 minutes instead... Read more
3-months topo, part 2
Wednesday, April 25, 2012      2 comments

This morning I had my "last" meeting with my coach at the gym. (I paid for more meetings until December; we'll see each other every 3 weeks so I can get new programs. I just like it too much and I know I won't be able to be motivated enough on m... Read more
3-months topo
Tuesday, April 24, 2012      3 comments

Well obviously I haven't been on SP for 3 months but I did start my weight loss program 3 months ago, at the end of January. I decided to make a blog entry about that because tomorrow I have my last meeting with my coach (I'll probably continue ... Read more
Another day off
Monday, April 23, 2012      2 comments

But I didn't WANT IT THAT WAY! XD Situation out of my control - major power outage, but let's start with the beginning. I woke up feeling quite okay but when I saw what the weather was like my jaw dropped. Icy rain, very strong winds a... Read more

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